1 Year Anniversary w/ WordPress

Day 365 (of 2012):

So as 2012 is coming to an end, I can’t believe how much things have happened throughout this whole year. Looking back on the “What I Want My Life To Look Like” I definitely think my life has turned out better than I could have planned.

I survived my first year of college, and continued strong through the rest of the year. I struggled in my Economics class, managing to have my first B (a bummer to lose the streak). I tried a Homemade Bentos project which was more of a dream than a reality. I hope to revisit that project and hopefully expand on it. 🙂

My resolution this year that I managed to somewhat keep was to maintain this blog. I didn’t post 365 times, but I did keep a pretty good journal of my favorite moments throughout this year.

My highlights for 2012:

I’ve decided for 2013 I’m going to post a little less on this blog. I’m not going to post every day or about every day, but about the moments that have meant something to me and that I want to continue to share on this blog. For the fans that came here for meditation techniques, the weird name I chose for my blog really doesn’t suit the content that I put on here I guess.

I thank everyone who has commented, followed or liked any of my posts on this website. I appreciate your feedback and I am happy to have come across a site like this.

I hope everyone has an amazing New Year’s Eve, but since I’m sure by the time you’re reading this it’s already a new year in your time zone haha.

I’m glad to end 2012 on a wonderful note, sipping sparkling cider and eating chocolate cupcakes as I watch the celebrations around the world on TV.

Happy New Year! 😀

Unwrapping Presents

Day 357/358:

Christmas Day was wonderful. I woke up earlier than the family did and starting playing some online games. We didn’t open our presents until eleven in the morning. We stopped in the middle of present opening to have breakfast. The stockings were fun since I slipped a piece of candy coal I got from the library. Also, I added a little bag of Lindt chocolates as well. We had some presents on the tree, mainly penguin cards I had written for each of my family members. The unused movie passes I had won this year, I gave one to my mom and one to my dad. I gave my sister $15 for our mini shopping spree I hope to take with her sometime next year.

I unwrapped some chocolate lip glosses and an adorable Boo plushie. I also got a warm winter jacket and an Owl City live concert DVD. Jenn got a ton of zebra items and I posted a video of her unwrapping her presents so our family could see her excitement. It took her 3 minutes to unwrap the present. 🙂

I posed with some of my presents, especially my new jacket. I started back to work the day after Christmas, so I’m glad that I can get some use out of my jacket at least while its still cold outside.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season! 🙂

Wrapping Christmas Presents

Day 353/354/355/356:

K-chan brought over a huge cake on Friday night since I helped her with her final project. She was having some trouble with the coding on her Flash project so since I had taken the Flash course earlier I could help her with working out some of the glitches. The cake was also in the shape of a heart which was cute. 🙂

She also gave me a beautiful sand dollar ornament which I absolutely love. I’ve never seen one before. I gave her some chopsticks with a little girl in a kimono on the top of the chopsticks along with a penguin card. We said “Happy Holidays” and I headed back into my house since its getting really chilly outside.

On Saturday I spent a ton of time wrapping one of my sister’s presents. She wanted one present wrapped so obscenely that it would not even represent the original shape of the item. In other words, when she saw the present, she didn’t want to be able to guess it by the shape. I used a ton of tissue, butcher and wrapping papers to distort the shape and make it really big. The item was bigger than my hand, but I had fun wrapping it and stuffing tissue paper to make it look thick in some areas. Haha.  I told her that I’m going to take a video of her when she’s opening the present on Christmas Day.

On Sunday, we wrapped a cute ribbon around a tin of Christmas treats and brought them over to our neighbors. I also attached one of my penguin cards to the front. They thought the card was really sweet and gave us some winter mints to enjoy. My dad really likes mints.

On Christmas Eve, I got to see my grandpa and celebrate the holidays. I haven’t seen him in a long time, so it was nice catching up with him.

Work Holiday Party

Day 348/349/350/351:

I was able to go to my sister’s holiday choir concert held at the high school which was really sweet since my old Humanities teacher read “Twas’ The Night Before Christmas” to his daughter along to some band music. My sister also gets to wear a beautiful black dress since she is in a higher up choir.

I attended my first work holiday party which had a ton of food, drinks (non-alcoholic since we were on campus) and desserts. The day before I had made some little tents for people to label their food and the voting ballots. We were voting for best food, dessert and ugly holiday sweater. I wore one of my mom’s holiday sweaters but it wasn’t too ugly.

The food that was available to eat could have fed a whole classroom of students. We even had to bring another table out since some last minute food was brought in. I also wore my penguin hat because one of my supervisors had requested since she thinks I look adorable when I wear the hat. 🙂

Overall the work holiday party went very well, better than the winter festival held last week. But, there was more planning behind this party and there were more people who offered to help out with it. I was very full after eating a couple plates of food. Man the holidays are hard to stay on track with a diet!

My friend D-chan gave me a candy cane star which was really beautiful! I’ve never seen candy canes arranged in that way. There was a mini star in the middle and then multiple hearts within the star. 🙂


Winter Concert with Friends

Day 347:

One of my friends M-chan suggested going to this concert held in a nearby city and if she wasn’t able to find someone to go with her, she would go by herself. Well this concert had multiple artists, plus one of them was Owl City and I have always wanted to see Adam in concert, so I told her I would be free since the school is closed on Sundays. We also got our friend K-chan to come along with us too.

We waited in a long line and practically jumped up and down when they started letting people in. We filed in heading towards the crowd of people trying to get close to the stage. The mass amount of people that we were trying to get as close as possible to the artists performing. I felt bad for K-chan since she kept getting squished, well we were all getting squished between the swaying and jumping people. I was holding everyone’s wallets, so I really couldn’t jump too much. I also tried conserving all my battery so I could record as much of Owl City as possible.

Oh man Adam Young is so darn adorable in person! I wish I could have met him during the Meet & Greet, but I missed out since I didn’t pay the VIP price. The tickets were pretty pricy to begin with, and since I just started working I didn’t want to blow a whole paycheck on one night.

After Adam completed his songs, we shuffled out of the mass amount of people and finally got some air. It was so cramped and uncomfortable with all the people brushing up against us. I was still super excited from seeing Adam live. He looked really handsome and I can definitely be heard screaming multiple times on the video recording I did on my phone. Haha.

I got two T-shirts to commemorate the moment, and I wish we would have done a group picture. We also played some Dance Central on the Kinect which was pretty fun.

I was sad when the concert was over, but overall we had an amazing time! Definitely going to try to go to the concert again next year if Owl City is performing again. 🙂

Jokes with Jkun & Short Power Outage

Day 344/345/346:

On Thursday, my boss gave me a project that she wanted before I left work since it was a surprise activity for the faculty meeting tomorrow. She wanted me to make some cute note cards related to a penguin scenario where their iceberg was melting. There was a site that I got the content from, but I overall had fun making the cards since the game was to put the steps together in correct order. So the project ended up taking longer than expected, so when Jkun came down to pick me up for our date before my meeting, I was still working on putting together the note cards.

He checked out the male mannequin and mentioned the suit the mannequin was wearing was $400! It’s cute since he’s about the same height as the mannequin so he definitely could wear the outfit the mannequin was in. He asked if he could have the suit and he totally sounded serious. I told him it would be even more awkward if I had to come to work with a naked mannequin in the room. So he offered to switch out his clothes for the mannequin. I giggled and blushed.

He helped me finish the note cards since I wasn’t able to print them on card stock, so I was trying to tape them to construction paper. Definitely a mess, but we got the work put together in time to go hang out. It was nice seeing him again and we had a really good time. 🙂

On Friday, my neighborhood lost power for a couple of hours, which is really unusual since we rarely lose power since we lucked out with the circuit we’re on I guess. So here I was with limited battery power on my laptop attempting to do some homework. However, since I didn’t have power, that meant no Wi-Fi which meant no Internet, ending up with me unable to work on homework. I tried working by candlelight. We ended up getting power later that night, but we went out to dinner anyways.

Today I went to my grams with my sister to celebrate our teddy bear’s eleventh birthday. Eleven years ago we made teddy bears and have been celebrating their birthdays. We’re a little late since this year their birthday landed near Thanksgiving. We dressed up the other bears to join the party and took pictures. It makes our gram happy to see us playing with the bears, although since we’re getting older sometimes I wonder if this bear birthday will be the last one we celebrate.

Winter Festival

Day 341/342/343:

Tuesday was semi-stressful with the final party of the year being held for the ASB. The “Winter Festival” was going to be our take on a fun holiday party since last year’s employer thank you didn’t run as smoothly as hoped. Well, things ran a little smoother since we decided to cut out the activities because myself and another member were both working, so it would be down to only one member running the event. I was able to get out of work early to help run the event. 🙂

We had a ton of sandwiches, a snowman cupcake cake, and fruit and veggie salads along with sparkling cider, hot chocolate and egg nog. I ate a lot of the sweets, which wasn’t good for my Lose It app, but since it’s the holidays I might have fudged a little all the calories I ate. 😛 We also had a photo backdrop, although the pictures didn’t turn out well on my phone…

By the time I headed to my Economics class I had consumed two cupcakes, two sandwiches and some fruit along with multiple cups of sparkling cider. When I headed up to class I grabbed another sandwich, a cupcake and more fruit. I’m definitely a pig when it comes to sweets haha.

I chose to wear one of my really pretty red and black ruffle dress on Wednesday since I was planning on seeing Jkun to give him his card. His friend was with him when they came by my office and I gave him his card. He really liked it. 😀 I came up later to the engineer lab to see the project he was working on for his final. He was simulating a car and gave me a walkthrough of his project. It was really cool all the stuff his project could do, plus I took a video since he has such a smooth voice. I love when he talks about his engineer projects. He also flirted with me a little when I was in this dress.

We’re going to hang out tomorrow when he gets out of class and I get off work so we can hang out before the winter break. 🙂

Beautiful Graduation Ceremony

Day 337/338/339/340:

On Thursday I finished Jkun’s card since I gave myself a goal of having it completed this weekend. I’m not sure when I’m going to run into him, but I’m hoping to run into him hopefully before he leaves for vacation.

Roses I bought from graduation ceremony

Roses I bought from graduation ceremony. Aren’t they lovely?

On Friday I was able to help out with a beautiful graduation ceremony. Held in a lovely old theater it was cramped with tons of friends and family supporting a small handful of graduating college students. The theater did have a lot of ramps, so I’ve decided the next graduation ceremony I help out with I will definitely not wear heels. I did wear a lovely dress with a lacy white top and gray professional color from the bust line down. I was amazed at how high up the balcony seats were. When I climbed one of the ramps to the top, I got a sense of adrenaline rush since I’m not really good with heights. I hadn’t even gotten to the very top, just the midway. I took a bunch of pictures of the set up and the beautiful view. When I graduate, I’m going to tell my family to go sit up in the balcony. Prime seats up there!

To think that I’ll be graduating in 2014! It’s not too far away. 🙂

I also bought some leftover roses that were being sold for the students who were graduating. They put some refreshing beads that kept the roses looking fresh throughout the whole night. They are gorgeous and are sitting on the dining room table.


Major Sale & Handmade Christmas Card

Day 334/335/336:

On Monday I told myself that if I waited till the last minute, there would be nothing left at the bookstore. Where I work, the bookstore was going out of business, so here was all this college-branded items being sold for 90% off! Unbelievable right? When I got to work I saw a huge crowd of people in the tiny bookstore, so I dropped off my stuff, grabbed my wallet and headed over there. T-shirts, binders, notebooks, cups, bags….so many items, but with a price tag so cheap, I doubt they would have been there when I came back on my lunch break (and I was right).

Discounted binders, pencils, notebooks, two shirts (that were only 39 cents each!)…I even came back after a couple of hours and bought some more items. I bought over 57 items and spent under $40. Pretty awesome sale! I even saw my boss come out of there with two bookstore bags of merchandise. I even had picked up some items for a friend, since by the time she’d arrive at the school the bookstore would be closed for the day. Sadly, the bookstore is going out of business so it will be closed on Friday.

On Tuesday night my mom surprised me with a penguin hat that I had seen and then had disappeared after the Black Friday sales. I’m not sure how she found it, but it looks adorable on me, plus its very warm as well. She also found some adorable penguin gloves that just complete the whole look and I’m definitely going to wear them while I’m traveling to and from work.

Tonight I started on Jkun’s card. I knew that I wanted to have the penguin couple shown inside, as a hint more or less, but I was unaware of what I should have on the outside of the card. Something that would look great on the outside. Something not too embarrassing, something that would be okay if he showed it to his friends. I’m thinking of drawing a FireFox logo since that’s his favorite browser. 🙂

I started drawing his card tonight as well once I finalized his design. His card will be the only hand drawn one I do. ♥

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