Winter Concert with Friends

Day 347:

One of my friends M-chan suggested going to this concert held in a nearby city and if she wasn’t able to find someone to go with her, she would go by herself. Well this concert had multiple artists, plus one of them was Owl City and I have always wanted to see Adam in concert, so I told her I would be free since the school is closed on Sundays. We also got our friend K-chan to come along with us too.

We waited in a long line and practically jumped up and down when they started letting people in. We filed in heading towards the crowd of people trying to get close to the stage. The mass amount of people that we were trying to get as close as possible to the artists performing. I felt bad for K-chan since she kept getting squished, well we were all getting squished between the swaying and jumping people. I was holding everyone’s wallets, so I really couldn’t jump too much. I also tried conserving all my battery so I could record as much of Owl City as possible.

Oh man Adam Young is so darn adorable in person! I wish I could have met him during the Meet & Greet, but I missed out since I didn’t pay the VIP price. The tickets were pretty pricy to begin with, and since I just started working I didn’t want to blow a whole paycheck on one night.

After Adam completed his songs, we shuffled out of the mass amount of people and finally got some air. It was so cramped and uncomfortable with all the people brushing up against us. I was still super excited from seeing Adam live. He looked really handsome and I can definitely be heard screaming multiple times on the video recording I did on my phone. Haha.

I got two T-shirts to commemorate the moment, and I wish we would have done a group picture. We also played some Dance Central on the Kinect which was pretty fun.

I was sad when the concert was over, but overall we had an amazing time! Definitely going to try to go to the concert again next year if Owl City is performing again. 🙂


Homemade Turns Into Takeout

Day 159/160:

muffin man sketch

My little Muffin Man sketch

My sister had a choir concert at the high school. We have to drop her off at least an hour before the concert starts so she can warm up with the group. My dad was reading his emails aloud and I was sketching in my book. I’m trying to draw a larger version of my “Muffin man.” I finish the sketch just as the lights start to dim and the principal tells the audience to silence their phones and remain quiet during the performance. I snap a quick picture and get ready for the singing. We managed to secure some seats in the front row. Jenny of course stands off to the side so we have trouble filming her with my dad’s giant camcorder.

After the concert ends, everyone bows and we grab Jenn and jump into the car. My dad has this tradition that after a concert we race down to the Dairy Queen and get some ice cream. We started doing this when I was in fifth grade and started playing the violin. I always get a double fudge cookie dough blizzard and my dad and sister get dipped cones. We try to get there early so we beat the rush of other students from the concert who have the same idea.

Tonight my dad was craving some teriyaki. I offered to cook potstickers and rice at home while he went over to pick up some chicken teriyaki. We mixed the take-out rice with my rice and I arranged the food as neatly as I could on the plate. So a homemade (well semi-homemade) meal turned into just a takeout. The food was delicious and the take out rice tasted way better than mine. I’m still trying to find a good method of preparing rice. 🙂