Wrapping Christmas Presents

Day 353/354/355/356:

K-chan brought over a huge cake on Friday night since I helped her with her final project. She was having some trouble with the coding on her Flash project so since I had taken the Flash course earlier I could help her with working out some of the glitches. The cake was also in the shape of a heart which was cute. 🙂

She also gave me a beautiful sand dollar ornament which I absolutely love. I’ve never seen one before. I gave her some chopsticks with a little girl in a kimono on the top of the chopsticks along with a penguin card. We said “Happy Holidays” and I headed back into my house since its getting really chilly outside.

On Saturday I spent a ton of time wrapping one of my sister’s presents. She wanted one present wrapped so obscenely that it would not even represent the original shape of the item. In other words, when she saw the present, she didn’t want to be able to guess it by the shape. I used a ton of tissue, butcher and wrapping papers to distort the shape and make it really big. The item was bigger than my hand, but I had fun wrapping it and stuffing tissue paper to make it look thick in some areas. Haha.  I told her that I’m going to take a video of her when she’s opening the present on Christmas Day.

On Sunday, we wrapped a cute ribbon around a tin of Christmas treats and brought them over to our neighbors. I also attached one of my penguin cards to the front. They thought the card was really sweet and gave us some winter mints to enjoy. My dad really likes mints.

On Christmas Eve, I got to see my grandpa and celebrate the holidays. I haven’t seen him in a long time, so it was nice catching up with him.


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