Arrival of a Package

Day 248/249:

Yesterday, we picked our home grown pumpkins out of our backyard. We wanted to grow pumpkins for Halloween, but I guess we planted them a little early since they were done growing by mid-September. We might see how long they last towards Halloween, although they might rot. 😦 We have some green, white, and orange pumpkins. My sister even arranged four of them and said they were our family. I think I’m the tiniest pumpkin (even though I’m older) since I’m the shortest besides my mom in the family.

wrapped bento box next to a recipe

I’m going to try out the Mini Hamburger Bento recipe I found from JustBento.

Today I was greeted by an awesome surprise. I checked the mail this morning and I found my textbook package and my Marie bento package! I was so excited that my package finally arrived since I was thinking that it was never going to get here. I opened the package and saw my little adorable Marie smiling back at me. She’s a two-tier bento box and she’s a little smaller than J-kun’s old bento box (but big enough for me). I’ve already selected the bento I want to make for my first bento with her (and its going to be something other than my signature bento!).

If you would like to order one, I ordered her from CasaBento. Here’s a direct link to the Little Kokeshi Marie Bento Box. 🙂 She’s one of eight in a collection, but I haven’t seen her in stores here.

Now I just have to wait for a sunny day and I’ll have a picnic! 🙂


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