Summer Festival & Birthday Cake

Day 175/176:

My design buddy, my sister and I head down early to a summer festival. Its cloudy with some ominous dark clouds, so we bring an umbrella hoping it won’t rain. When we arrive there is a performance of traditional drum playing which is loud and powerful. We’re towards the back of the seating area, but we can feel the drums pounding on our chest. We’re looking around at the food booths and decide to get some food later. Heading in through the local Asian grocery store we look around at all the food and specials. A lady is sampling BBQ pork with some hot mustard. We stay clear of the mustard, but take a toothpick with some juicy pork. My sister points out there were some sales outside the store so after we walk around we head back out to reexamine the food available.

I see a Hawaiian booth and start getting hungry when I smell the chicken and pulled pork. Unfortunately the ominous dark clouds prove to be rain clouds and the festival has turned into a rain festival. The water is coming down so much, you’re drenched if you don’t have an umbrella. Jenny and I head over to the food stand and I pay for a sampler plate as she holds the umbrella. My design buddy is waiting under the cover. We bring back a big plate of food and decide it would be easier to sit somewhere undercover instead of standing at the entrance of the store.

a birthday cake inspired by a video game

Animal Crossing fans, doesn’t this cake almost look like the one the characters get for their birthdays? 😀

The seats are soaked despite being undercover, but we laugh it off. A performance of traditional Hawaiian dancers is managing to still smile despite the rain. The crowd cheers them on while we quickly shove bits of hot pork, chicken and rice. The food is delicious, but the weather is unforgiving. We decide to call it a day and head home. I don’t think the rain stopped until later that night, after the festival was complete.

My sister insisted on making me a birthday cake so I told her I wanted a recreation of the Animal Crossing cake we see when we play on the Wii. A white (or maybe pink) cake with four green candles and six plump strawberries with a little placeholder that says “Happy Birthday” we assume. Either way, my sister manages to recreate the cake almost flawlessly. Its a dark chocolate cake with buttercreme frosting and each of us gets a strawberry which is nice.


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