Homemade Bentos ♥

I’m starting a side project along with my New Year’s Project. So some of my future posts will include 2 categories. My boyfriend has expressed a strong desire for a homemade bento, so I am going to try working on creating sweet and delicious bentos from recipes I’ve collected over the past couple of weeks.

I have some sample recipes, some ingredients, an adorable bento box, a cute bag to carry the bento, some rice molds, and a little bento diary for me to sketch my ideas.

a monkey bento box with rice molds

J-kun’s bento box with an adorable monkey as the design and some rice molds. His favorite was the bear mold. ♥

He’ll give me a rating depending on the taste and presentation, so I’ll have to see how I can overcome the obstacles of

a long bumpy bus ride (which might shake the food in the bento) along with a long travel time (which would risk the food getting cold).

A challenge I’m willing to accept.

He was very happy that I am making him more than one bento.

I understand that not every bento will turn out perfect, but he’s willing to be my taste tester as long as I don’t make him sick.

His first official bento will be done hopefully by March 26th. ♥

UPDATE: Due to schedule and harder classes, we’ve chosen to focus on our school work and go back to being friends. I hope you enjoyed my posts about making bentos. I am continuing to work on making bentos for my family, so thank you for all your support with Marissa Meditation.


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