Hidden Treasures in the Attic

Day 210/211/212:

Jenny and I were staying up at my gram’s house for the weekend/part of the week to spend some time with her. On Sunday, I finished up a giant wireframes project (remember I chose to do more than the minimum). We also headed to this art festival where we took home some sturdy plants that the Chase booth was handing out for free. I selected a thyme plant and Jenny selected a sage plant. We plan to plant them once we get home.

Today and part of yesterday we helped our gram move some stuff in her attic. Its a really tiny space (we have to crawl around on our hands and knees), and some of the stuff she’s stored in boxes is VERY heavy. I got a nice workout with my arms for pulling everything around. We found an old Bible that was really worn and a faded painting of a famous person we assumed. The frame around the painting has a chip in it, so we’re looking for the piece to possibly glue it back on.

My favorite thing we pulled out was a box of old magic toys my dad played with when he was probably ten or so. We pulled out each of the items and tried to figure out what they did. We giggled at the tiny book labeled “Famous Nudes” which was a fake book that was suppose to shock or vibrate when opened. Jenny’s favorite was this disappearing box where we stuffed a tiny little pink animal into the opening, spun the box around, waved our hands and said some incantations, and the animal vanished.

I recorded a video of it, so I’ll update with a link when I upload it to YouTube.


Movie Date & A Wedding

Day 207/208/209:

wedding cupcakes

Delicious wedding cupcakes ♥

Before you jump to conclusions, the movie date did not lead to a wedding. My mom brought the family to a co-worker’s wedding.

Anyways, the “let’s do something together” turned into a date. Sweet J-kun drove to my house after he got off work, so he was still sleepy when he got to my house. We played some Mario Kart on the Wii. He won more rounds than me (when we turned the computer players off), so we just called it a tie. Since we had some free movie tickets for AMC we headed to a nearby theater and saw Ted. It was pretty interesting. A lot of crude humor, but I thought the ending was sweet.

He dropped me off at the house earlier since we both have class tomorrow morning. We said goodbye and I gave him a quick hug. It was nice spending time with him again.

After class today I headed home, changed into a cute dress, and we headed to the wedding venue. It was an evening wedding, so luckily the weather held out. An outside wedding with a waterfall as the backdrop it was beautiful. The bugs weren’t so friendly. I swear I got at least five bites on my legs since my dress came above my knees. Her wedding dress looked lovely on her and the kids walking down the aisle were adorable.

Instead of a giant wedding cake, they had an arrangement of cupcakes and a smaller cake which was a hit with the kids. I had about 2 cupcakes. They were so good! I couldn’t help it! 😛

A Familiar Work Environment

Day 205/206:

I finally ordered the little adorable Kokeshi Bento box I saw on CasaBento. Expected delivery of 7-10 days from France to the US. I can’t wait. I hope I get the bento box before my onsite class ends. I want to make a cute bento to eat after one of my early morning classes. ♥

Tonight the old design group (well most of us) got together in the good ol’ Mac lab at the school. We haven’t seen each other all together since our second design class, which was the last one we were able to have the class sit onsite. We’ve sadly started spreading out and each of us have advanced through our design classes at different paces. Our old professor heard about a great project that is going to be a lot of work, but can be potential portfolio material. Plus, this will be a great way for us to work with an ACTUAL client! Usually our labs have us work with fake clients, so this is a great experience.

We’re deciding on how we’re going to make this work with everyone’s schedules. Luckily we’re going to be able to meet at the same time each week, so we’re hoping that it goes further. 😀

Family Games

Day 203/204:

My sister and I pulled out the old Scrabble board and we set up a three player game. My mom joined us and we were already betting who was going to win. My money is on my sister since she finds a way to win every time. Her signature move is to use the Z letter on a triple letter score.

Tonight she managed to select one of the few Z letter pieces. She was bummed that she couldn’t spell “zebra,” her favorite animal, but she spelled “zoo” on the triple letter score. My mom protested and we made her take that word off. She later spelled “zone” which still got her quite a bit of points. She was the winner (as always).

After finishing my reading for classes today I transferred the sketch I did of the muffin man to my computer and started tracing it in Illustrator. I’m going to color it later. I’m improving my use of the bezier curves. 🙂

O-74…Black Out! (Bingo Night)

Day 200/201/202:

My campus decided to hold a Bingo Night in the cafeteria. It was amusing. We had a tiny bingo cage set we had bought from a local Wal-Mart and some generic bingo sheets we printed from a generator site. My mom and sister came along since they really like playing bingo. I mainly did the calling since my friend is dyslexic so she’d occasionally mix up the numbers with the letters. I made sure to speak loudly and clearly, repeating the numbers twice. It was pretty funny because I swear I called “O-74” each time we played a game.

bingo night call sheet

One of the blackout games. Not many empty spaces left!

My sister won a giant bag full of candy and licorice and another tiny bag. My friends won some tiny bags of candy and I ended up winning both black outs winning two sets of movie ticket pairs. The first time I won, my mom was like “Oh no, that doesn’t count!” I was calling the numbers out at the time so she thought I was going to call my number since I was one away. I let my win go and the next ball I read off was her number so she took the tickets home. I won the other set later in the night which bummed my friends although they did a switcheroo since one wanted the tickets and one wanted the candy. Our blackout games were really intense since we almost called every single possible number before there was a winner. I took a picture of one of the blackout games (probably one of the ones I won). 🙂

I stayed the night at my friend’s house which was cool since the last time I was at her house the second dog was only a little puppy. He’s now a full grown dog with the same smile. I only stayed the night since she was heading down towards my house the next day (plus I had some assignments to finish up before class). I made myself a quick lunch of potstickers and rice with a Crystal Light energy mix drink. It was very satisfying. 🙂

After my second Saturday class, I headed home arriving just in time to see the end of the garage sale at my house. Not many of my items sold, so I think I only made $3, where my sister made about $20 with some old dolls and books. My dad got a decent amount selling this huge dining table and some old state photos he had collected and no longer wanted. I ended up taking a bunch of stuff back and putting it in my room. My sister claimed my star constellations lamp which I didn’t even know worked. I’m tempted to convince her to give it back to me when I move out. And sadly, the cute little kitchen my sister and I played with growing up went to our neighbor across the street who said she was giving it to her grandkids. I remember back when we would play diner and serve up little slices of plastic pizza and pink doughnuts. Back when cooking appeared to be so simple.

Pro Status

Day 194/195/196:

I’m finishing up my “client presentation” as my design professor calls the weekly labs. He wants us to style our projects to look like they are for an actual client which is great practice since it shows us to make our work look as professional as possible. This week we’re working on selecting a site category that we would want to design a website for. We’re just looking at the design aspects, but I guess this is going to turn into my final project so I want to pick something I can expand each week. I’m thinking of making something similar to a Facebook combined with an online game site combined with Amazon combined with the discussions from my college classes. A large project, definitely more than the minimum, but I’m willing to put in the extra work towards this project.

I was really psyched today since I was playing Boxing on the Wii Sports game and I was playing as my standard avatar Marissa. She debuted June 2008 and finally almost 4 YEARS later she is PRO Status! I can’t believe it took me so long to reach the status. I guess I haven’t really played Wii Sports too much since we have gotten our other games. I was laughing at the replays since I guess my girl learned the gut move which allowed her to punch her opponent in the gut which was an instant knockout.

My first Saturday class was interesting. I had to have my assignments printed out, vocab list and short essay, to bring to class since my professor is a little old fashioned. I was a little bummed when the empty seat next to me was filled in, but at least it was a familiar face. J-kun sat on the other side of the room, but I noticed him glance over at me when he was taking a break from looking at the professor who walked around the room as he talked. I’m glad my professor is energetic since the majority of the class didn’t seem very awake after our summer break. After class J-kun gave me a quick hug and we texted after my meeting which was nice. My sister also introduced me to Nutella on the go which is pretty cute. Some breadsticks and a tiny serving of Nutella was a nice afternoon snack after my class.

My sister and I spent almost the whole night playing Go Vacation (Wii) and we were psyched to unlock the “helper” uniform aka the “maid” uniform for our avatars. It looks really cute on my avatar since I used one of their standards so I could wear headgear. I’m also working on designing a logo to represent my site. I’m thinking of recreating the simple stacked books with an apple on top (my site is targeted towards college students). I want to give my site an identity by establishing a logo to add to my lab this week.

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