Unwrapping Presents

Day 357/358:

Christmas Day was wonderful. I woke up earlier than the family did and starting playing some online games. We didn’t open our presents until eleven in the morning. We stopped in the middle of present opening to have breakfast. The stockings were fun since I slipped a piece of candy coal I got from the library. Also, I added a little bag of Lindt chocolates as well. We had some presents on the tree, mainly penguin cards I had written for each of my family members. The unused movie passes I had won this year, I gave one to my mom and one to my dad. I gave my sister $15 for our mini shopping spree I hope to take with her sometime next year.

I unwrapped some chocolate lip glosses and an adorable Boo plushie. I also got a warm winter jacket and an Owl City live concert DVD. Jenn got a ton of zebra items and I posted a video of her unwrapping her presents so our family could see her excitement. It took her 3 minutes to unwrap the present. 🙂

I posed with some of my presents, especially my new jacket. I started back to work the day after Christmas, so I’m glad that I can get some use out of my jacket at least while its still cold outside.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season! 🙂


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