Winter Festival

Day 341/342/343:

Tuesday was semi-stressful with the final party of the year being held for the ASB. The “Winter Festival” was going to be our take on a fun holiday party since last year’s employer thank you didn’t run as smoothly as hoped. Well, things ran a little smoother since we decided to cut out the activities because myself and another member were both working, so it would be down to only one member running the event. I was able to get out of work early to help run the event. 🙂

We had a ton of sandwiches, a snowman cupcake cake, and fruit and veggie salads along with sparkling cider, hot chocolate and egg nog. I ate a lot of the sweets, which wasn’t good for my Lose It app, but since it’s the holidays I might have fudged a little all the calories I ate. 😛 We also had a photo backdrop, although the pictures didn’t turn out well on my phone…

By the time I headed to my Economics class I had consumed two cupcakes, two sandwiches and some fruit along with multiple cups of sparkling cider. When I headed up to class I grabbed another sandwich, a cupcake and more fruit. I’m definitely a pig when it comes to sweets haha.

I chose to wear one of my really pretty red and black ruffle dress on Wednesday since I was planning on seeing Jkun to give him his card. His friend was with him when they came by my office and I gave him his card. He really liked it. 😀 I came up later to the engineer lab to see the project he was working on for his final. He was simulating a car and gave me a walkthrough of his project. It was really cool all the stuff his project could do, plus I took a video since he has such a smooth voice. I love when he talks about his engineer projects. He also flirted with me a little when I was in this dress.

We’re going to hang out tomorrow when he gets out of class and I get off work so we can hang out before the winter break. 🙂


Beautiful Graduation Ceremony

Day 337/338/339/340:

On Thursday I finished Jkun’s card since I gave myself a goal of having it completed this weekend. I’m not sure when I’m going to run into him, but I’m hoping to run into him hopefully before he leaves for vacation.

Roses I bought from graduation ceremony

Roses I bought from graduation ceremony. Aren’t they lovely?

On Friday I was able to help out with a beautiful graduation ceremony. Held in a lovely old theater it was cramped with tons of friends and family supporting a small handful of graduating college students. The theater did have a lot of ramps, so I’ve decided the next graduation ceremony I help out with I will definitely not wear heels. I did wear a lovely dress with a lacy white top and gray professional color from the bust line down. I was amazed at how high up the balcony seats were. When I climbed one of the ramps to the top, I got a sense of adrenaline rush since I’m not really good with heights. I hadn’t even gotten to the very top, just the midway. I took a bunch of pictures of the set up and the beautiful view. When I graduate, I’m going to tell my family to go sit up in the balcony. Prime seats up there!

To think that I’ll be graduating in 2014! It’s not too far away. 🙂

I also bought some leftover roses that were being sold for the students who were graduating. They put some refreshing beads that kept the roses looking fresh throughout the whole night. They are gorgeous and are sitting on the dining room table.


Major Sale & Handmade Christmas Card

Day 334/335/336:

On Monday I told myself that if I waited till the last minute, there would be nothing left at the bookstore. Where I work, the bookstore was going out of business, so here was all this college-branded items being sold for 90% off! Unbelievable right? When I got to work I saw a huge crowd of people in the tiny bookstore, so I dropped off my stuff, grabbed my wallet and headed over there. T-shirts, binders, notebooks, cups, bags….so many items, but with a price tag so cheap, I doubt they would have been there when I came back on my lunch break (and I was right).

Discounted binders, pencils, notebooks, two shirts (that were only 39 cents each!)…I even came back after a couple of hours and bought some more items. I bought over 57 items and spent under $40. Pretty awesome sale! I even saw my boss come out of there with two bookstore bags of merchandise. I even had picked up some items for a friend, since by the time she’d arrive at the school the bookstore would be closed for the day. Sadly, the bookstore is going out of business so it will be closed on Friday.

On Tuesday night my mom surprised me with a penguin hat that I had seen and then had disappeared after the Black Friday sales. I’m not sure how she found it, but it looks adorable on me, plus its very warm as well. She also found some adorable penguin gloves that just complete the whole look and I’m definitely going to wear them while I’m traveling to and from work.

Tonight I started on Jkun’s card. I knew that I wanted to have the penguin couple shown inside, as a hint more or less, but I was unaware of what I should have on the outside of the card. Something that would look great on the outside. Something not too embarrassing, something that would be okay if he showed it to his friends. I’m thinking of drawing a FireFox logo since that’s his favorite browser. 🙂

I started drawing his card tonight as well once I finalized his design. His card will be the only hand drawn one I do. ♥

Coffee & Christmas Crafts

Day 331/332/333:

On Friday I was lucky enough to snag the last Pumpkin Spice Starbucks Via from a nearby Starbucks. Hot milk and just a packet of coffee and I have my own Starbucks at home without having to wait in line, sounds perfect right? I also grabbed a box of Peppermint Mocha for the holidays.

On Saturday my sister helped out at an elementary school’s winter party which also included a raffle. She was actually a winner for one of the raffles receiving a big bucket with wrapping paper, bows, name tags and tissue paper. She also made some cute little craft boxes with the little kids and brought home some extra supplies. She’s a big fan of arts and crafts. I sat down with her and made a little design from some glitter, and cut out plastic decorations (not sure what they’re called) and ended up blowing the rest of my “homework time” before dinner.

While I waited for it to dry, I made myself one of the Starbucks Via packets that I had got the day before and looked at my sister’s ornaments she had made for the tree. They were really cute. She mentioned how most of the kids just would throw a sticker or two on the cut out paper ornaments and would be “finished,” moving onto the next activity. I told her that most of the kids don’t have a long attention span when it comes to crafts.

Today, Jenn also made some clay figurines from a recipe she found. I almost thought she was making food since she had to make the clay on the stove. She sculpted a makeshift bear and penguin based off of her two stuffed animals she sat next to the bowl of clay. She says they have to dry and harden first before she can color them. Since I noticed the penguin I’m wondering if that’s a potential Christmas present for me. 😛


Pasta & Penguins

Day 327/328/329/330:

My friend Joanne had mentioned last year that I should make some “What I Want My Life To Look Like” for one year, three years, and five years out. Sort of like a predicting or how I hoped my life would end up looking like. Well I made the little sketches towards the beginning of the year (well refined the sketches more like), so my one year would be November 2012. I ended up making my sketch turn into a real life photo collage in Photoshop which turned out pretty great. There were a lot of fun memories that were all crammed into an image that would fit on a piece of printer paper. It took a couple of hours to get the collage to look just right, but I really like how it turned out. I’m going to probably save it to send to her during the holidays.

So what’s with the weird title of Pasta & Penguins? Well I love when I bring a lunch to work that isn’t a protein bar or a 90 calorie brownie, because sometimes its best to taste food that doesn’t sound so diet-friendly, like pasta! My sister made some yummy, well I guess heated up, some pasta for dinner the other night and I took a big tupperware full for lunch. It was really delicious! 🙂

I’ve also started my own fanatic of a love for penguins. Not realistic looking penguins, but adorable little plump penguins with cute little beaks. Maybe I started liking them when I saw the Happy Feet movies a couple of years ago, but anyways my love for them has become so big that I even started sketching them. First I was sketching this adorable penguin hat I had seen which could be a great winter hat since it would cover my ears. I’m thinking of asking for one for Christmas.

Also, today I expanded on one little penguin doodle which was a penguin couple. The sketch turned out so well I’m thinking of recreating it in Illustrator and using it for my Christmas cards. Also, Jkun and I have decided we’ll exchange some artwork for the holidays before he leaves for vacation. I’m going for more of a Christmas card, but he says that he’ll be giving me some art of some kind. I can’t wait. 🙂

Epic Board Games

Day 324/325/326:

I had to take more pictures of “products” for my websites since my professor mentioned now that our products each need to have three views. So I spent most of the day Friday trying to come up with more views to take. There’s only two views really for chopsticks…luckily some of the products the multiple pictures I had taken in the beginning worked just fine. 🙂

My aunt from California was in town visiting so we spent part of the weekend up visiting with her and playing board games. My sister really likes word games, so we tried playing Boggle which was funny since she couldn’t find many words. I guess she likes word games where she can rearrange the letters. She’s also started playing some Words with Friends app which is fun when ads aren’t popping up.

We also played an epic Battleship game. The board game my grandma has is from 1967 so the boards are bright colors and there’s a stereotypical American family on the box cover. There’s a mom and her daughter washing dishes while the dad and son are playing Battleship. But the box was from the 60’s so we can’t judge too much.

Anyways, I won the first game and Jenn won the second one so I came up with an epic way to have a tie breaker game. We decided to hide the tiniest ship which would sink after 2 hits somewhere on the board. Only the 2-hit ship. We went back and forth trying to sink the little ship, and somehow Jenn managed to find my ship! Her face was priceless when I managed to struggle out a “Hit.” I didn’t hit her ship in the remaining three turns I had left. We ended the weekend with some yummy garlic chicken and pesto pizza. Yum!

A New Table & Thanksgiving Feasts

Day 320/321/322/323:

Monday evening was spent browsing the large furniture warehouse looking for a new dining room table. We originally had a giant, oblong shaped table that didn’t really fit our tiny dining room. We really don’t have a dining room, more of a sub room before you head to our living room. With the old table, we mainly used it for a junk pile so we usually ate dinner in front of the TV using TV trays. Typical American family.

My sister insisted that for her Christmas present she wanted a dining table, because she makes a lot of yummy dinners and eating them at individual TV trays really takes away from the experience. Plus since two of the trays broke, now we’re more like eating in our laps. So on Monday we were spending most of our evening picking out a table. My sister was getting frustrated since none of the tables were large enough to accommodate the ugly chairs that my dad refused to get rid of. After a couple of hours, we found a office desk which was sturdy and large, but worked as a dining table.

Family turkey compared to Gram's turkey

Family turkey compared to Gram’s turkey

When we brought it home and set it up, my mom thought it was really unusual, but as long as it works it’s fine. Jenn set up a beautiful pre-Thanksgiving feast since we always joke that our grandma’s turkey is a little unusual the way she prepares it. It looks more like a log than an actual turkey.

So this week I got to eat two turkeys, loads of stuffing and mashed potatoes. Also, on Wednesday I got some yummy doughnuts a visiting career advisor brought to a graduation committee meeting. 🙂 I’m including a picture of the turkeys to show the difference.

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