First Week of My First Job!

Day 281/282/283:

I started my first job this week. I was super nervous when I got up. I woke up extra early to get ready, pack a lunch and head out for the bus. As my main form of transportation, I was just hoping I didn’t have any hiccups along the way. It would be really bad work ethic to show up to work late on the first day. Of course I don’t really have control over the traffic or the amount of stops along the way, but I was super nervous since I never had ridden the bus during this time hour.

I ended up running into the morning rush hour, so my bus moved as slow as a slug. I kept glancing back at my phone to check the schedule. If this speed was the rate we were going, I’d most likely miss the next bus and then screw up the rest of my bus schedule. Luckily, all the buses arrived on time and I arrived to work early before my shift started. I checked in with my supervisor who had two sets of notepads, pens, highlighters and little notes. My co-worker also started today and arrived a little later.

The card had my name on it with a “Congratulations!” written on the envelope. The card was really pretty and I was really appreciative that my boss gave me some supplies. I had brought my own pencils and pens of course, but she let me know there was plenty of office supplies to use while I was at work.

Work bento (potstickers, rice and pineapple)

My first bento made for work. Hopefully I make more soon!

On my second day, I brought some hot chocolate powder packets to make myself some hot chocolate. It was a nice treat since its starting to get chilly outside. We continued to watch training videos that were very lengthy on how to use a system for daily work tasks. It was boring, but I did learn a lot since I took an extra page of notes today than I did yesterday. So a total of 7 pages just from the tutorials and that’s not even my entire job. We’re also preparing for a career event for the students, so I’ll be pretty busy.

On the third day, I was daring and made a bento for lunch. I prepared the night before by cooking the potstickers and leaving it in the fridge overnight. When I got up and started cooking the rice and jumped in the shower. By the time I left I had a beautiful bento (potstickers and rice) along with sliced pineapple chunks in my adorable Marie bento.

I did notice on the bus that my lunch bag felt a little wet. The pineapple juice was leaking out, so I had to use a bunch of tissues to dry to stop the spill from getting any worse. The bento was still delicious and I sent Jkun a picture to make him jealous. It worked šŸ™‚


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