First Meeting With Our Client

Day 227/228:

My design buddies got together to work on these huge project for the city and this week we actually got to meet our client. We were very professional wearing some nice clothes, showing up early to practice and then providing her a presentation to see what our ideas for the website were.

The night before we revised and revised the slides making sure that there wasn’t any technical jargon on them and included pictures of our site mockups we did in Photoshop. We ran through an overview, printed out handouts leaving room for notes and made sure to get home in time to sleep before our big meeting.


*beep beep* my alarm is louder than usual…maybe because its about 5 am and I need to get dressed and head over to my carpool buddy’s house. We’re going to head to the school, pile in one car and head to meet the client in the big city. We’re all nervous since we’ve never really worked with an actual client before. Will she be tech-savvy and question our designs? Or will she be sweet and accommodating and provide us suggestions or improvements with the site layout? We’re hoping for the second option.

Traffic isn’t too bad, thanks to the carpool lane. We get down there early enough to “circle our wagons” as our professor calls it, grab a Starbucks and review the handouts we printed the night before. We take some deep breaths as we ride multiple elevators to a high floor (I’m not good with heights, so luckily we don’t see too many windowed elevators). We wait out in the lobby looking around to see how they portray their logo, look at forms we might need to provide on the site, and finally are escorted in by the client. We meet in a tiny meeting room and set up our laptops. Lauren has the presentation up and ready and I’m quickly typing notes about the feedback as we go through the presentation. The professor occasionally explains one of the technical terms to our client, she smiles and we continue. For a moment she leaves to print off some handouts for us to review.

Quickly we evaluate our presentation skills. We’re moving a little fast, but we don’t have too much time to present. We take a couple of breaths as she walks in the door again. We continue with a Q&A session and I take about 8 pages of notes (which I’ll have to revise and organize later). After the meeting, she shakes all of our hands again and gives us a tour of the floor we’re on introducing  us to a co-worker or manager. By the time the tour has ended and we’re heading back to the parking garage we all breathe a sigh of relief. We just have experienced a great client atmosphere and hope that our next meeting with her in about a month will be the same.

Later she emails us with some great feedback. I respond with a PDF version of our presentation she can provide to her supervisor which she appreciates. First client meeting was a success!


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