Do You Know The Muffin Man?

Day 150/151:

yummy homemade bento

Apple with an “M” carved in, Nutella flower-shaped sandwiches, raspberries, bear-shaped rice balls and some potstickers

So I received my bonus edition copy of the latest Nancy Drew PC game about ten days ago….and I hadn’t started playing it until today. I was ahead in my work this week, so I started playing the game to see how far I could get. I’m a junior detective (which is the easier version of the game) and I usually run across a puzzle that stumps me which leads me to saving the game and looking to YouTube for a walk through. I haven’t completed many of Nancy’s cases, but her trip to Egypt is very intriguing. When I saw the trailer online I knew I had to get the game. I started the game and finally called it a night at around one in the morning. I had asked everyone I could questions, but she was no further to solving the mystery of who was in the tomb, who was being sneaky, who harmed the head of the team… many questions and answered puzzles led to just more puzzles. I’m thinking of starting over and seeing if I can find something I didn’t catch originally when I started.

In class tonight my professor wrote “Do you know the muffin man?” on the board. I walked into class about ten minutes before it started, so I don’t know who started the question or joke. Inspired I doodled a little “muffin man” who was so tiny that his whole body is smaller than the length of my thumb. I’m thinking of recreating the picture in my sketch book later. Another long class filled with some occasional jokes and in-class assignments. The people I usually work with are exhausted after their eight-hour shift at work. I can’t imagine going directly from work to a four hour class. Though I should probably consider it soon, because college isn’t cheap.



Last Minute Project–Jenn’s Work

Day 148/149:

The end of another week and I’m listening to my live lecture. Well I’m listening to the recording of the live lecture, because the recording takes place while I am sitting in on my onsite professional writing class. I find it hilarious that as I’m listening to my online professor ask questions during the lecture that I repeat to myself the answer. It takes the class a while to respond and the professor states the correct answer, which is the same one I’ve been saying out loud. I don’t know why I bother because the recording is no longer live.

I love when the professor finishes the lecture and adds a bonus section where he teaches the class something in Photoshop. I’m pretty much an amateur but I love seeing these design tricks each week. I’m taking notes as I listen, but I know that I will most likely be watching the video again since I don’t have much space on the page for notes. The lectures are really long though, usually anywhere from one hour to two hours. I can’t sit still for the entire presentation, and I’m constantly pausing to catch a good phrase the professor said. Words from the professionals are great!

Brown sugar used for sand

Here’s one of the environments she tried to create. Its pretty adorable even if its a high school language arts class.

My sister also decided to wait until last minute to complete a project. She’s had the assignment for weeks and its due tomorrow, so she’s cramming to whip something together to hopefully salvage at least a C. I find it adorable that she is using her Littlest Pet Shop (mini bobble head toys) to represent different environments. She approached a problem where the sand was not really sticking to the cardboard with the glue. So she grabbed some brown sugar and sprinkled it on. Her room smells really yummy. Haha.


End to a Relationship

Day 145/146/147:

So things haven’t been going well with J-kun and I. Its not that I don’t like him anymore, but our schedules aren’t really allowing us time to hang out. This week J-kun missed our date afternoon and our “mini-date” got crushed by an assignment that takes higher priority. He’s farther along in his classes than I am and its not really going to get any easier for him. He suggested that we go back to friends.

It was kinda hard for me to change my relationship status. I went from the “in a relationship” to “single” one day, “single” to “its complicated” the next, and back to “single” today. I find it a bummer that we had to end the relationship, seeing how its a little awkward that I met his mom and he hadn’t met my parents. That’s another story. Some of my friends comforted me via text messages and told me that I should be thankful that we didn’t have one of those messy breakups. I’m pretty glad that we talked things out and didn’t have one of those we’ll-wait-until-it-gets-better relationships.

I hung out with my sister on Friday after she got out of school. She’s been texting this guy a lot recently. Maybe a potential date? I guess when one relationship ends another begins. She wanted me to take some pictures of her so she could update her profile picture. She can only take so many pictures with her front-view camera on her phone I guess. 😛

Also, watched The Woman In Black that we rented from the RedBox. It was pretty scary at some parts. I’m not really good with thriller/horror films. The story is really sad, but I wasn’t expecting a “happy-ish” ending. My little cousin’s birthday is next month so we’re looking around for a sweet toy that doesn’t have small parts. He’s turning two, but he’s very active. 🙂

Mommy’s First Bento

Day 143/144:

My sister was planning on selling the Dancin’ Debbie doll. I couldn’t believe she would even think of getting rid of such an amazing doll. Dancin’ Debbie is this adorable little popstar who shakes her hips. I had gotten her when I was probably seven or eight. I would wear this remote control radio disk on my hip and as I danced she would dance. Also music would play and even though the one minute song got tired fast I still had fun playing with her. She still is in good condition. Her hair is a little frizzy, but her controls and dancing movement still work. 🙂

I was going to make bentos for myself and my boyfriend. Well he texted me this morning saying he overslept and chose not to go to the school since he missed class. I guess date afternoon is cancelled then. I sighed and asked my mom if she wanted a bento to take with her to work. She was bummed since I had made two bentos for J-kun and never had made anyone a bento. Apparently they wanted one really bad.

bento for my mom

The usual potstickers and rice along with some Nutella heart sandwiches, and apples and peanut butter. Along with a little note to my mom. ♥

I got to work on the bentos and decided I would use J-kun’s bento box since it is bigger. This would cover my lunch and dinner so I would be set. I made my mom’s in a green little box with a hand-written note. My bento was the usual potstickers, rice, and fruit. I made hers a little simpler. A checkered apple along some apple slices with peanut butter. Nestled by the apples were two heart shaped sandwiches with some Nutella. And two potstickers sat next to one bear shaped rice ball. I closed the lid and told her to take a picture of the bento when she got to work. I was running late and kissed her goodbye before heading out to catch my bus. It seems that any time I am making a bento, the time flies by so fast. Apparently a bento should only take about an hour to cook and prepare. I guess I need to manage my time better.

A Hawaiian Luau

Day 140/141/142:

My school had their big luau event. Student Activities has been planning this event for a while. We used some decorations to spruce up the cafeteria, reserved some authentic dancers, and provided delicious Hawaiian food. The weather was a little iffy and we didn’t know if we should have it indoors or outdoors. The dancers insisted on having the event inside so they could use the microphones.

food from the luau

Loli loli chicken, pulled pork, pineapple fried rice, and some greens (probably was my first plate I had)

There was a big turnout. Mainly students from the Saturday class came down during one of their breaks for some food before heading back to class, but any students that showed up really improved our attendance. I wore some rainbow leis and talked with a friend while we watched the dancers with their flowers in their hair and long dresses. The food was excellent. I got two plates of chicken, pork, rice and some salad. I was really full, but I even brought home some food for my family. Since my friend lives near my neighborhood she offered to give me a ride home which was sweet since I really can’t take food onto the bus.

My family devoured the leftovers and I didn’t even get any. I don’t think my mom and sister even let my dad have a piece! They are so greedy. Haha. Over the weekend I ended up mowing the lawn and trying to catch up on the recordings of previous live lectures. I never realized how crucial they were to helping me complete my design assignments. Since I’m pretty much a newbie with Photoshop, I really liked having an expert show me some simple tips to make my design look flawless. He even gave me some ideas for projects I’ll have to do in the future.

I got an email today about the Dean’s List ceremony. The pictures were finally posted so I searched through the album to find mine. First off I was glad that my picture was in focus, since many people were just in a rush to grab their certificate. Second I was happy I wasn’t stunned but actually smiling. It looked a little forced and the people in the corner were making some weird faces. On the version I saved I just cropped them out. I’m crossing my fingers I do well this session so I can be on the Dean’s List three times in a row. 🙂

A Package Arrives

Day 138/139:

I headed down to the school for an ambassador meeting. J-kun wanted to hang out again so he suggested we go see a movie. He won some free movie tickets at the Super Smash Bros tournament at a Game Night and we hadn’t used them yet. We stopped by my house to pick them up. My sister and her friend were at the house were at the time. They kept giggling like little girls saying “Oh look he’s real..” I hadn’t brought J-kun to the house to meet my family yet, but my sister says she approves. She especially liked his Bacon&Bacon&Bacon shirt. I found the tickets and we headed off to get some dinner.

He’s a big fan of Taco Del Mar so we headed to one close to the theater. I got something light to eat and he ordered this mondo burrito. He says you have to eat the burrito a certain way or it will be really messy. When he finished he looked up the movie times and noticed that the Avengers was playing really late at night. He didn’t have class the next morning, but I didn’t want him to lose any sleep before his shift tomorrow. We decided to skip the movie and look through some shops near the mall. The craft store was interesting since we saw a giant bear cake. We found a sports store next which turned into an awkward moment since he’s very athletic and I’m barely semi-athletic. He played sports all through high school where I waived gym for extra classes and swam for a short season my senior year. He obviously knew how to use most the equipment there, where I was lost.

We came across some exercise equipment where he showed his muscles and did this one which was for upper body strength. He told me to try it out, but I said no. I was willing to play around with some of the equipment, but I didn’t think I could lift myself up. I don’t really have any muscles on my arms. Unimpressed he pouted and was silent the rest of the time in the store. It really killed the mood and I didn’t want him to continue with that sour face. I tried cheering him up, but he was disappointed that I would not try it. When he left he said it was getting late and he drove me home. I went from having a pretty awesome date the day before to a really crappy one the next day. Although I don’t know if I could consider it a date.

To lighten my mood, my pre-ordered bonus edition of Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen arrived. I was excited, but I had some homework to complete before I dived into the game. I noticed that the package was pretty small. The bonus edition was suppose to have all these extras, so was I missing something? I emailed their customer service and they informed me the extras were purely digital. Also mailed out my third letter to Em-chan. She’s stopped responding after her second letter, but she is almost completed with her training. She told me that her expected graduation if she passes her final test will be actually on my birthday!

Skinnier Mii & A Yummy Bento

Day 136/137:

A little accomplishment for me today was with my Wii Fit Plus. I have been pretty busy and haven’t been able to do my daily Wii Fit Plus (WFP) body tests. I decided to get on the balance board, cross my fingers, take a deep breath and see what my weight was. Those ten seconds where the Wii repeats “Measuring” three times always make me nervous. The “All Done” gives me the chance to look at my Mii who starts anorexic and gains weight to represent my weight. She’s a little disproportional because her legs are small with her tummy being big. I wish my legs were that tiny. I see my Mii’s BMI has shrunk dramatically dropped although I am still at the “Risk of Being Overweight” category.

I switch to the weight portion and see that I have dropped about eight pounds since the last weigh in. Not much progress for about a month of inactivity, but still a good start. Swim suit season is coming up and I need to get into shape pronto. Maybe all those late-night runs to the vending machine on class breaks that I’ve cut out is helping. I guess that the strawberries and other junk food I ate didn’t effect me.

bento boxes with fruit, potstickers and rice

4 out of 5 rating! 😀 Plus his mom said “Wow” to the picture I posted online.

I haven’t made J-kun a bento for over a month. I flipped through the recipe book and checked the fridge. Great, we don’t have much food. The morning I woke up we had even less food so I was kinda bummed. Maybe I’ll try improving the rating on my first bento. Beating a 2.5 should be easy. I grilled the potstickers, cooked the rice, and prepared the fruit. Instead of strawberries and bananas I went for apples and bananas. I cut little checkered patterns on the apples which turned out nice and showed more effort. I did my best to pack his bento tight so it wouldn’t move around on the ride down. I also had trouble jamming all my food into my bento. Did I mention my bento would only be one of his two tiers? Pretty tiny.

The weather was just perfect for a picnic. I texted him that I was bringing lunch and said we needed to find a park to go enjoy them. I called up a friend since she lives in the area and she told me of a nice quiet park. After J-kun finished a project at school we headed over there. The park was pretty empty and we found a table to sit at. Of course he scarfed down his bento, but he definitely saw some improvement. I made sure to brown the potstickers with soy sauce (I didn’t have time to last time) and the design of the apples was nice he said. I ate only partial of my bento (which surprises me now) and saved it for class later. He gave me a 4 out of 5 rating which really made me happy. Now I should probably start working on making bentos other than potstickers, rice and fruit. 😛

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