Work Holiday Party

Day 348/349/350/351:

I was able to go to my sister’s holiday choir concert held at the high school which was really sweet since my old Humanities teacher read “Twas’ The Night Before Christmas” to his daughter along to some band music. My sister also gets to wear a beautiful black dress since she is in a higher up choir.

I attended my first work holiday party which had a ton of food, drinks (non-alcoholic since we were on campus) and desserts. The day before I had made some little tents for people to label their food and the voting ballots. We were voting for best food, dessert and ugly holiday sweater. I wore one of my mom’s holiday sweaters but it wasn’t too ugly.

The food that was available to eat could have fed a whole classroom of students. We even had to bring another table out since some last minute food was brought in. I also wore my penguin hat because one of my supervisors had requested since she thinks I look adorable when I wear the hat. 🙂

Overall the work holiday party went very well, better than the winter festival held last week. But, there was more planning behind this party and there were more people who offered to help out with it. I was very full after eating a couple plates of food. Man the holidays are hard to stay on track with a diet!

My friend D-chan gave me a candy cane star which was really beautiful! I’ve never seen candy canes arranged in that way. There was a mini star in the middle and then multiple hearts within the star. 🙂