Happy Halloween!

Day 301:

The Halloween party at the school was pretty interesting. I offered to help during my lunch break since I was working during the first part of the event. My boss informed me when I got there that wearing a Halloween costume would be okay as long as it was school appropriate. I wish I had known that so I wouldn’t have wasted a pair of work clothes. But I feel more comfortable in my work clothes than I do in my “costume.”

One of the other members setting up after I had returned to work burst into my office and told me to call K-chan since she hadn’t arrived yet with her portion of the food. I called her and she had just arrived. Traffic was bad and she had been baking the whole morning to have the hot food fresh for the party. When I got off work I changed into my dress/costume and headed to the party. There was still a ton of food left when I got there so I grabbed a plate of sweets and made a scratch mask. You take a mask with black paint and scratch off the paint to reveal the colored paper underneath. Its pretty cool. 🙂

I ended up eating a ton of food, mainly junk food, which isn’t good for my Lose It App. I think I just created a “junk food” food item and called it 1000 calories. I ate at least that in sweets alone. I also enjoyed some of the punches we had. The edible glitter made one cream soda look really cool. I think they were mirroring the drinks off of Harry Potter. I actually got some compliments on my dress which was nice.

We also had some pumpkins that were carved by the faculty which we had a voting table. My favorite pumpkin ended up getting first place and was one of my supervisor’s carved pumpkin. My boss brought by her kids. One girl was dressed as a bumblebee, and the other girl was dressed as a princess. They were very adorable.

Towards the end of the party, we played a “Werewolves” card game which was pretty interesting since you try to hunt down the werewolf players while not killing any villagers. We lost track of time, so by the time we cleaned up, and took home some of the food we were leaving the school towards ten o’clock at night.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Halloween Treats (Lots of them!)

Day 298/299/300:

To hep K-chan with the portion of food we had volunteered to make for the Halloween party at the school, we tried to make most of the food over a 2 day period. I had to go back to work on Tuesday, so Sunday afternoon/night and most of Monday was dedicated to buying and putting together Halloween treats for the party.

We had a huge shopping list since we had quite a few recipes that we were making. Pretzels, chocolate mice, rice krispies, and then heating up corn dogs. I helped with the rice krispies and the chocolate mice. We planned for 50 people attending the party so we made a ton of food. After running through the grocery store grabbing all our food, we headed to K-chan’s house since she has a huge kitchen.

I lost track of how many chocolate mice and rice krispies we made, but we ended up having a whole table full of stuff and even layered some treats by just having some wax paper in between.

Chocolate covered rice krispies and chocolate mice on a table

Rice krispies dipped in chocolate and drizzled along with chocolate mice


We also snacked on some “ugly” or mess up treats since we were hungry. K-chan’s mom and uncle also snacked on some of the treats so it was good we made more than we needed.

Here’s a picture of all the treats we made. Definitely enough food to fill up the hungry students we’re hoping.

They were delicious while we were snacking on them. 🙂


Also started my Economics class this week. Not an easy subject to learn so I’m hoping I do well in the class since my friends who have taken the class before me have struggled so I’m hoping taking the class on campus will be helpful instead of taking it online. One of my classmates tried drawing me since I was sketching in my sketchbook. The picture of me was pretty awkward looking. I laughed so hard when I saw it!

Smooth Presentation & Entertaining Anime

Day 294/295/296/297:

So on Wednesday and Thursday we were preparing and running our last client meeting. To think when we heard about this project we were considering possibly not helping out with it since we wanted to keep our attention on our classes. I’m glad we got a group together since this project was a great learning experience.

We headed for the last time to meet up with our client. This time we had a packed car since we had our whole core group, but we looked great with our team shirts. Also, I had picked up a new laptop bag from the school that was on sale so I didn’t have to carry a neon pink bag this time. Definitely looked more professional in my opinion. We had some Starbucks coffee as we “circled our wagons” as our professor calls it. Going over the note handouts created from the PowerPoint I tend to over-prepare according to my group when I get nervous. Hey, this is our last meeting, so we all were pretty nervous.

We presented in a small conference room with an amazing view again. Like tourists, we took a ton of pictures, then closed the blinds so our audience could focus on us. With a smaller audience and a well rehearsed presentation and walkthrough we impressed our client and her team. There were some minor adjustments and suggestions that were made, which I noted quickly down on my laptop. One of the team members said we should record the client meeting, so I recorded it from my computer. However, since I was typing the entire time during the presentation, the audio of the audience was barely legible. I tend to type quickly and a little loudly….I caught most of their suggestions and feedback since I’m a fast typer so we were fine for the most part.

We celebrated after the meeting by grabbing a quick bite to eat. We also took a team picture afterwards to show our official team shirts. 🙂

K-chan and I had to head back to the school to help out with a “mask-making” event since one of the members of another club we’re involved in suggested a masquerade themed Halloween party. To be honest, once we got back from the client meeting we started getting into finals mode. I had finished my online website project the night before for one of my design classes, but I still had a flash final that I had to complete. My flash final was tricky since I had to create a culmination of the flash projects I made during the course, so I overcomplicated the project and was putting on the final touches, adjusting the code to try to work out the final glitches. I eventually finished the flash project and we made masks before heading home.

On Friday and today I watched/finished a wonderful shojo anime called Princess Jellyfish. Its a really sweet anime about a girl with low self confidence, but she really shines when she talks about her love for jellyfishes. I definitely recommend the anime if you like comedy shojo/girl animes. 🙂

First Paycheck!

Day 291/292/293:

I hung up my thank you cards from helping out with the career fair on my wall. My boss says she frequently remembers to give out thank you cards, so I’m sure I’ll have a stack by the time I graduate from helping out with all the future big events at work.

I’m also psyched since on Monday I got my first paycheck! 🙂 Since I started working in the middle of a pay period I only got around $160, but that is pretty sweet since its money I earned with all those hours I worked. I can’t wait until I get my next paycheck since it will be for 2 weeks so double the money 😉

Also preparing for the last client meeting we’re planning to have since the website deadline is getting pretty close. Our client wants the website ready by the first week of December, so we need to make sure it gets approved this week before her team starts using the site. Our group is also going to be fully represented this time which is great since any experience we can get from working with a real-life client helps use our classroom knowledge.

I’m also glad I work with a flexible schedule. Since its finals week, I’m working on completing my finals, but also trying to focus on preparing for the client meeting and work. My boss allowed me to rearrange my schedule since I usually work on Thursdays, and this Thursday happens to be the client meeting. So since I’m the secretary it probably would be best that I’m there to take notes from the client’s feedback.

Wonderful Date & Amazing Swim Meet

Day 290/291/292:

Jkun and I ended up hanging out on a “date” on Thursday. We both had some free time, so after I got off work I headed to the library to work on homework while I waited for him to be done with his class. In the background noise of the library I heard his voice and he surprised me by coming over to my computer. I guess his class had got out early so he had headed to the library to wait for me to get off work. Just having him stand near me made my heartbeat quicken. Even though we’re not boyfriend/girlfriend, I still like him and you could say he makes my heart skip a beat when I’m with him.

We headed to a nearby park and caught up. I can’t remember the last time we saw each other, but its been a long time. The clear foggy weather cleared a little for us to watch the sunset and then started raining so on the way back to his car we kissed in the rain. He said “It’s like we’re in The Notebook.” And I just giggled since I haven’t seen the entire movie, but I know the scene he’s referring to. ♥

On Friday I headed up to my old high school since they were having the senior meet for the girls’ swim team. I haven’t been to many meetings since I’ve been working on days they have the meets and its a little awkward since most of the people I knew when I was on the team have graduated or are no longer on the team. I’m really glad I did go to the swim meet since I got to catch up with my old Physics teacher/swim coach for when I was on the JV team as a senior. My coach had transferred school districts since it was a really long commute, but it was fun to see him catching up with all the old swimmers.

During the senior meets, the senior swimmers get to run up the stairs to this slide that shoots you into the pool. Its really exciting, although it shoots you out of the slide pretty fast. The cool thing was the manager of the swim team slid down in her clothes and then I got to see my old coach slide down in his clothes as well. It was really entertaining since he’s really tall so he slid down the slide in half the time. The whole audience was shouting so loud when they were announcing his name and I made sure to get it on video since it was pretty epic.

So now as I’m finishing up my classes and preparing for finals next week, I’m doing some laundry which is a large mountain laying on my bed. I sat down on my bed earlier and I almost knocked over the basket since its so top heavy. I’ll have to eventually put the clothes away since I need some work clothes for next week.

1st Big Event At Work

Day 287/288/289:

So for Halloween this year I was considering going as a maid although since I’m not really going to a Halloween party besides the school food fest, I probably wouldn’t wear a maid costume since I’d get funny looks on the bus and my boss would come by. My mom brought home a maid costume that was on sale from the grocery store. Now when I think of a grocery store, I don’t think of Halloween costumes, but I tried it on anyway.

I didn’t realize how scratchy the elastic was, plus it did look not too high quality. My sister looked better in it, so she kept it. I saw another version at a Party City, so I’ll maybe go by and try one to see if it fits better. I got included in a triplet outfit thing which keeps changing every time I talk with the group. I think the last update was dresses, hair extensions and jewelry. The dress I got was from Lane Bryant, although its kinda big on me so I’m afraid I’m going to have a wardrobe malfunction or something. Since its a strapless we’ve all decided to wear a jacket over it just in case. I’m not sure if my boss will let me wear my “costume” to work since its not professional dress, so I’ll bring up back up work clothes during Halloween.

Tuesday we were preparing for our career fair which was a big networking event. I was still considering what to wear since we were getting professional photos taken by one of the faculty to use for our online profiles. I also spent most of my day calling employers to confirm their attendance, which was a long list. Most of them said yes so we’re hoping for a good turnout.


The career fair went well and since it was my first one helping out with I’m glad that it went as well as it did. The library was packed with employers! It got really warm inside there very fast. I had copies of my resume in my college portfolio I got for being a part of ASB. I met with a lot of employers and tried to network the best I could. I got a ton of business cards so I’m a little overwhelmed since not many of them have an online profile for me to connect with them. Plus, since I’m not close to graduation I wasn’t really looking for any jobs since I’m happy with the job I’m in right now.

End of First Week of Work….

Day 284/285/286:

Usually I start working on homework around Monday or Tuesday in the week, but since I started work, I’ve had to reorganize my schedule to dedicate some time to work on classes. Technically this week I started working on stuff on Friday, which wasn’t smart since the class week ends on Sunday night. But I’m going to try to manage since I really can’t be productive during a short 30 minute lunch with my classwork.

My friend who I went shopping with over the weekend, mentioned that this weekend would be a good time to work on the “Pin The Spider Game” for the Halloween party held at the school. We wanted to make it early so we didn’t have another thing to make when we were cooking/preparing our portion of the Halloween party. We went to two different craft stores since the instructions we were given were very vague. We were given our own creative design for the game, so after a couple of hours wandering the aisles, we found the stuff we needed to put it together. Some Halloween-themed cloth, a poster board, gray yarn, and mock cobwebs with spiders…

We actually saved money since there were more sales offered this weekend. I think we were originally budgeting around $120 since we were also picking up craft supplies for baking, like expensive edible glitter. The glitter was about 7 or 8 bucks a bottle! Pricy item for our drinks, but I just hope its worth it for the price!

The spider game turned out well in my opinion. We got K-chan’s grandma to help us out and I guess she is not too fond of spiders, so when she helped us especially with the cobweb part I was pretty shocked how calm she was. At least the game making didn’t involve any real spiders haha.

I also started using my Hatsune Miku headphones I got from the fair. They’re pretty decent headphones and sit comfortably on my ears which is nice. 🙂

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