Pasta & Penguins

Day 327/328/329/330:

My friend Joanne had mentioned last year that I should make some “What I Want My Life To Look Like” for one year, three years, and five years out. Sort of like a predicting or how I hoped my life would end up looking like. Well I made the little sketches towards the beginning of the year (well refined the sketches more like), so my one year would be November 2012. I ended up making my sketch turn into a real life photo collage in Photoshop which turned out pretty great. There were a lot of fun memories that were all crammed into an image that would fit on a piece of printer paper. It took a couple of hours to get the collage to look just right, but I really like how it turned out. I’m going to probably save it to send to her during the holidays.

So what’s with the weird title of Pasta & Penguins? Well I love when I bring a lunch to work that isn’t a protein bar or a 90 calorie brownie, because sometimes its best to taste food that doesn’t sound so diet-friendly, like pasta! My sister made some yummy, well I guess heated up, some pasta for dinner the other night and I took a big tupperware full for lunch. It was really delicious! 🙂

I’ve also started my own fanatic of a love for penguins. Not realistic looking penguins, but adorable little plump penguins with cute little beaks. Maybe I started liking them when I saw the Happy Feet movies a couple of years ago, but anyways my love for them has become so big that I even started sketching them. First I was sketching this adorable penguin hat I had seen which could be a great winter hat since it would cover my ears. I’m thinking of asking for one for Christmas.

Also, today I expanded on one little penguin doodle which was a penguin couple. The sketch turned out so well I’m thinking of recreating it in Illustrator and using it for my Christmas cards. Also, Jkun and I have decided we’ll exchange some artwork for the holidays before he leaves for vacation. I’m going for more of a Christmas card, but he says that he’ll be giving me some art of some kind. I can’t wait. 🙂


Epic Board Games

Day 324/325/326:

I had to take more pictures of “products” for my websites since my professor mentioned now that our products each need to have three views. So I spent most of the day Friday trying to come up with more views to take. There’s only two views really for chopsticks…luckily some of the products the multiple pictures I had taken in the beginning worked just fine. 🙂

My aunt from California was in town visiting so we spent part of the weekend up visiting with her and playing board games. My sister really likes word games, so we tried playing Boggle which was funny since she couldn’t find many words. I guess she likes word games where she can rearrange the letters. She’s also started playing some Words with Friends app which is fun when ads aren’t popping up.

We also played an epic Battleship game. The board game my grandma has is from 1967 so the boards are bright colors and there’s a stereotypical American family on the box cover. There’s a mom and her daughter washing dishes while the dad and son are playing Battleship. But the box was from the 60’s so we can’t judge too much.

Anyways, I won the first game and Jenn won the second one so I came up with an epic way to have a tie breaker game. We decided to hide the tiniest ship which would sink after 2 hits somewhere on the board. Only the 2-hit ship. We went back and forth trying to sink the little ship, and somehow Jenn managed to find my ship! Her face was priceless when I managed to struggle out a “Hit.” I didn’t hit her ship in the remaining three turns I had left. We ended the weekend with some yummy garlic chicken and pesto pizza. Yum!

A New Table & Thanksgiving Feasts

Day 320/321/322/323:

Monday evening was spent browsing the large furniture warehouse looking for a new dining room table. We originally had a giant, oblong shaped table that didn’t really fit our tiny dining room. We really don’t have a dining room, more of a sub room before you head to our living room. With the old table, we mainly used it for a junk pile so we usually ate dinner in front of the TV using TV trays. Typical American family.

My sister insisted that for her Christmas present she wanted a dining table, because she makes a lot of yummy dinners and eating them at individual TV trays really takes away from the experience. Plus since two of the trays broke, now we’re more like eating in our laps. So on Monday we were spending most of our evening picking out a table. My sister was getting frustrated since none of the tables were large enough to accommodate the ugly chairs that my dad refused to get rid of. After a couple of hours, we found a office desk which was sturdy and large, but worked as a dining table.

Family turkey compared to Gram's turkey

Family turkey compared to Gram’s turkey

When we brought it home and set it up, my mom thought it was really unusual, but as long as it works it’s fine. Jenn set up a beautiful pre-Thanksgiving feast since we always joke that our grandma’s turkey is a little unusual the way she prepares it. It looks more like a log than an actual turkey.

So this week I got to eat two turkeys, loads of stuffing and mashed potatoes. Also, on Wednesday I got some yummy doughnuts a visiting career advisor brought to a graduation committee meeting. 🙂 I’m including a picture of the turkeys to show the difference.

Disney Movie Night

Day 317/318/319:

K-chan invited me to a Disney Movie Night at her house. Along with a big group of friends, we had a potluck of spaghetti, garlic bread, chips and watched a couple Disney movies. It was interesting since we started making dinner around ten o’clock at night. A few of the party had shown up late and one friend had to go home early, so she didn’t even get any dinner. 😦

Well we had a ton of spaghetti, so K-chan decided to cook ALL of it. That’s right. We had enough spaghetti for an army! When she finished attempting to cook it, she placed it in the strainer and the noodles ran over! It was a big mess. I only could stomach too big plates with some garlic bread. I had already filled up most of my stomach with salty potato chips and candy that we were munching around the table.

We watched The Great Mouse Detective and Hercules. Well I fell asleep through Hercules, so when I woke up everyone was giggling since I had slept through the whole second movie. We slept on the floor in her living room which was alright until her little rescue kitten jumped on my arm and scratched my hand. He’s a little rascal.

On Saturday, Jenn and I were browsing through the store to find some potential presents to get for our parents. I offered to help my sister with the purchases since she’s only fifteen so she doesn’t have a job yet. We found some cute marshmallow snowman that would hang out in some hot chocolate, but they were a little pricy so I decided to hold off on buying any of those. Jenn and I didn’t see anything good, so we decided a hand-made gift would be best. 🙂

Also, I found a cute shirt I haven’t worn since I was a junior in high school. It looks really cute and since I’ve lost some weight my tummy doesn’t stick out so much. 🙂

A Clumsy Mannequin

Day 314/315/316:

On Tuesday, my supervisor had came over to check how we were doing with the week’s tasks. We’ve started preparing for next month’s graduation, so she came in to give us some updates. She walked towards the back of the room where the headless mannequins. Well I guess the female mannequin is missing her stand to keep her still so she was leaning against the wall. When she tumbled over when my supervisor brushed by her, not even thinking. She fell over with a loud thunk (the mannequin) and my supervisor giggled and said “Whoops.” We left her like that for the rest of the day since I’m not too comfortable putting together the mannequin when my co-worker is in the room. Its just an awkward conversation potential…

A broken mannequin trying to sit in a chair

She’s not fully connected, so she’s more slouching than sitting

When I came to work on Wednesday, she was still on the floor so I tried moving her to the chair since she looked really awkward on the floor. But, placing her on the chair made her look even more creepy. She really can’t sit since she has a long waist and her pose is a standing not a sitting. Her body was in two pieces, so I tried to make her look somewhat presentable. We’re having a workshop in the classroom tomorrow evening, so I didn’t want to spook someone who came in for the workshop.

Well today I decided while I still had some time in the morning before my co-worker came in for work, that I would put her back together. Or at least attempt to. You can tell by the picture, that her hip and arms are disconnected. To give you a size reference, this mannequin is a little taller than me, so its almost like trying to dress an older sister I guess…

Somehow in about a half an hour I was able to put her back together with the exception of getting her coat back on. I didn’t want to strip the mannequin since it would be super awkward if my co-worker or my boss came in while I was trying to put her back together. I moved her back towards another wall by the emergency exit so she wouldn’t hopefully fall over again. I threw her coat around her shoulders, hoping that would be alright.

Taking Pictures of “Products” For My Websites

Day 312/313:

On Sunday, my sister and I went with our dad through a local supermarket. We were mainly trying to kill time while my dad’s car was being checked since he got new tires. My sister and I always joke that stores skip Thanksgiving and jump right into Christmas. Christmas trees, stocking stuffers, ornaments, stockings, tinsel, lights, blow up snowman….it was like a Christmas wonderland in the store.

Jenn and I haven’t really said much that we want for Christmas. Since I got a job and am earning some extra spending cash, I’ve been buying my own stuff lately. Jenn has almost everything zebra imaginable, so its going to be tough this year finding something she doesn’t have.

We also saw some “Scentscicles” which are like mock tree scents to make your fake tree smell like a real one. My family has always refused to buy a fake tree since there’s a tree lot within walking distance from our house. Every year we’d go over, pick out a tree and then walk it back home. To be honest, when I move out I might go for a fake tree since these mock tree scents did smell pretty close to the real thing. Plus I wouldn’t have to worry about watering the tree or getting yucky sap on my hands. 🙂

Today I spent most of the day taking pictures of “products” aka my stuffed animals and random items that I wanted to include as products for my mock store. I took multiple pictures of each of them set behind a blue backdrop which was my bed comforter. Instead of going around Google and searching for items, I wanted to use my own pictures, because then I wouldn’t have to worry about copyright licenses by using someone else’s stock images.

For Tokyo Treats, my products included: adorable stuffed animals (like Hello Kitty), Japanese fans, and some manga books. For Bento Special, my products included: chopsticks, bento boxes, and combos like an Animal Crossing bag with bento box and matching chopsticks. For The Sweet Suite, I looked through the gallery of food pictures I took so far this year (which is a lot) and organized them so I could create a menu later.

I laughed when my sister came in my room and said “You’re not doing homework!” When she came in I was posing the stuffed animals to see which way looked the cutest. 😛

Early Sketches & Another Amazing Anime Movie

Day 309/310/311:

On the bus ride down to work on Thursday, I continued sketching more ideas for my course project for my advanced web design class. I finished the restaurant logo for The Sweet Suite the other day and now I’m working on the mall logo. Even though my mall logo will be up as an option for the team mall website, I still need something since each website needs the mall logo also in the header, so it can go back to the future group website.

I’m thinking of having multiple buildings stacked closely together with weird patterns on them like stripes or zig zags. I think I definitely had more fun designing my other logos since I get to see them more on my website. Logos are like putting a face to a name, they’re the first things you usually (or should) see on a website, because they represent the company or group that the website is about. For example, my birthday cake I got this year is my little logo for Marissa Meditation. I’ll probably keep it as the logo since it was one of the best moments I’ve had so far for 2012.

My sister got an early Christmas present from my mom who found a zebra onesie which is perfect since my sister is a zebra fanatic. She looks very very adorable in it, but even though she’s fifteen she looks about ten years old when she wears it. It even has a hood to make her look like a zebra.

K-chan, a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist like me, recommended Fullmetal Alchemist The Secret Star of Milos to me. I rented it from the library and its a really good movie if you’re a Fullmetal Alchemist fan. The best part is it’s almost like a side story so if you’re not finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood it won’t side track you or spoil the story ending. It’s really cute and I watched it in English since I like the voice actors for this anime. If you’re an FMA fan, I’d highly recommend it. 😉

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