Jokes with Jkun & Short Power Outage

Day 344/345/346:

On Thursday, my boss gave me a project that she wanted before I left work since it was a surprise activity for the faculty meeting tomorrow. She wanted me to make some cute note cards related to a penguin scenario where their iceberg was melting. There was a site that I got the content from, but I overall had fun making the cards since the game was to put the steps together in correct order. So the project ended up taking longer than expected, so when Jkun came down to pick me up for our date before my meeting, I was still working on putting together the note cards.

He checked out the male mannequin and mentioned the suit the mannequin was wearing was $400! It’s cute since he’s about the same height as the mannequin so he definitely could wear the outfit the mannequin was in. He asked if he could have the suit and he totally sounded serious. I told him it would be even more awkward if I had to come to work with a naked mannequin in the room. So he offered to switch out his clothes for the mannequin. I giggled and blushed.

He helped me finish the note cards since I wasn’t able to print them on card stock, so I was trying to tape them to construction paper. Definitely a mess, but we got the work put together in time to go hang out. It was nice seeing him again and we had a really good time. 🙂

On Friday, my neighborhood lost power for a couple of hours, which is really unusual since we rarely lose power since we lucked out with the circuit we’re on I guess. So here I was with limited battery power on my laptop attempting to do some homework. However, since I didn’t have power, that meant no Wi-Fi which meant no Internet, ending up with me unable to work on homework. I tried working by candlelight. We ended up getting power later that night, but we went out to dinner anyways.

Today I went to my grams with my sister to celebrate our teddy bear’s eleventh birthday. Eleven years ago we made teddy bears and have been celebrating their birthdays. We’re a little late since this year their birthday landed near Thanksgiving. We dressed up the other bears to join the party and took pictures. It makes our gram happy to see us playing with the bears, although since we’re getting older sometimes I wonder if this bear birthday will be the last one we celebrate.


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