1 Year Anniversary w/ WordPress

Day 365 (of 2012):

So as 2012 is coming to an end, I can’t believe how much things have happened throughout this whole year. Looking back on the “What I Want My Life To Look Like” I definitely think my life has turned out better than I could have planned.

I survived my first year of college, and continued strong through the rest of the year. I struggled in my Economics class, managing to have my first B (a bummer to lose the streak). I tried a Homemade Bentos project which was more of a dream than a reality. I hope to revisit that project and hopefully expand on it. 🙂

My resolution this year that I managed to somewhat keep was to maintain this blog. I didn’t post 365 times, but I did keep a pretty good journal of my favorite moments throughout this year.

My highlights for 2012:

I’ve decided for 2013 I’m going to post a little less on this blog. I’m not going to post every day or about every day, but about the moments that have meant something to me and that I want to continue to share on this blog. For the fans that came here for meditation techniques, the weird name I chose for my blog really doesn’t suit the content that I put on here I guess.

I thank everyone who has commented, followed or liked any of my posts on this website. I appreciate your feedback and I am happy to have come across a site like this.

I hope everyone has an amazing New Year’s Eve, but since I’m sure by the time you’re reading this it’s already a new year in your time zone haha.

I’m glad to end 2012 on a wonderful note, sipping sparkling cider and eating chocolate cupcakes as I watch the celebrations around the world on TV.

Happy New Year! 😀


A Locked MAC Lab

Day 231/232/233:

I came across a sweet Multimedia Website Layout on Photoshop from my design class.

I’m thinking of trying it out once I complete my classes. My finals are quickly coming up.

My mom got called in for an interview so I wished her luck. She got lost trying to find the place, but I think the lady who was interviewing her said she got lost for a couple of years when she started working at the office.

I’ve also uploaded the 3 year anniversary video for my pet hermit crabs. You can click the video below if you want to see the unusual pets I own.

My design buddy and I headed down to the school for our weekly club meeting and we found our other design buddy sitting in the hall. Our professor was running late so the MAC lab was closed. We sat down outside in the hallway waiting for him to arrive so he could unlock the door. We decided not to bother facilities since we assumed they would require a professor be in the lab with us. Instead of sitting there feeling useless, we brought out our laptops and started working outside. Our professor was disappointed that no one offered to let us in to the room. I guess we know for future references that we can just be let in when we need to use the room.