A Mermaid Sketch

Day 118/119/120:


She looks a little silly 😛

Since I had a free day this week, I went up to my grandma’s again to finish power washing. We got up there a little later than expected, but I was able to finish the rest of the power-washing for her back yard patio. The finished project looked really nice. Although, it made the clean pool look dirty. Probably since the stark white made the unnatural blue of her chlorine pool look funny. She gave me a big hug and I helped her move some of the patio furniture out into the sun. Now all we need is a pool party I joked.

We headed to a local drive-in for some burgers, fries and yummy shakes. While I was waiting for the food to finish cooking and arrive I sketched a little mermaid doodle. It looks a little silly, but I kinda like it. I always save most of my shake for last so I can drink it like a dessert. I got an Oreo shake which occasionally tried to choke me with a chunk of cookie.

I got a ride home from the student orientation too, so I didn’t have to worry about riding the bus. Also had to renew my permit over the weekend since I didn’t drive enough to have experience with all the skills they would test me on. I don’t drive much anyways since I don’t have a car of my own. Although I guess I only can renew my permit once, so I have less than a year to master my driving enough to pass the test to get a license.

And of course I managed to get sick somehow, so now I have a cough and a throat that is starting to get sore from all the coughing. Great way to end my break. Classes officially start tomorrow, so I need to prepare for my first online class. It looks like the live lecture interferes with my onsite class. 😦 Well I guess it doesn’t matter since I don’t travel with my laptop anyway, so I wouldn’t be able to participate in the lecture. Also, its recorded so I won’t miss the notes from this week’s objectives.


A Flower For You

Day 116/117:

I got a text message from J-kun to get on my webcam to see his project. He had been working all day on it and so far it was working well. He calls it a spiro graph. The spiro graph has a green laser, some mirrors, motors that rotate the mirrors and a wooden box to hold it together. When the spiro graph is on, he can change the speed of the spinning mirrors to create different patterns. His mom waved to me via his webcam as we watched his presentation.

I am really impressed. He had found the project online and wanted to recreate it, so I’m happy that he got it working right. There’s a couple dysfunctional parts, but he says he’ll work out all the kinks by the orientation. Its getting pretty late so his mom says good night and we chat a little before I call it a night as well.

flower laser pattern

A flower formation made special for me ♥

Today was one of the orientations for the new students. I wanted to wear something really cute (the dress I got from my shopping date with Jenn) to impress J-kun. A cute red and black dress, some tiny black heels, and a little black ruffle jacket. I looked pretty cute and he definitely liked my dress. I did feel a little too dressy since he was just wearing some slacks and an ironed shirt. Before the orientation started, we went to Costco to pick up some pizza for the students. J-kun joked that he felt like we were going to prom. I smiled and took his hand as we ordered the pizza and headed quickly back to the school.

My feet were killing me since I usually wear tennis shoes or boots so I’m not use to walking with heels. Plus, I don’t have a really good sense of balance, so I wobble occasionally. Also, after running up and down the stairs multiple times I’m definitely worn out. Overall a successful orientation. There will be another one over the weekend, so our spring break will be coming to an end soon.

Hello J-Kun’s Mom

Day 114/115:

So we finally set a date for me to meet his mom. I was going to meet him at the school, ride with him to his house, meet his mom and stay the night at a friend’s house (as my parents suggested). Everything seemed well at first. The weather was different than I planned, so I changed my outfit at least twice. I definitely had butterflies in my stomach, almost to the point that I was feeling a little queasy during the bus ride down. Chewing some gum I listened to my MP3 alternating from listening to music and the radio. Eventually we met up and he smiled and said I looked cute. 🙂

He reassured me that he would try to make me feel as comfortable as possible since I hadn’t met his mom before, but I thought it was really sweet that his mom wanted to meet me. I also met one of his co-workers. I also found out that due to some miscommunications, my friend was not at her house since her job interview was moved, so I was unable to stay at her house. My dad wanted me to meet him at the school so J-kun would not have to drive too far, but J-kun insisted that he drive me all the way home since the traffic wasn’t too bad. I would stay for dinner and then we would head towards my house.

J-kun gave me a tour of the house before dinner and I was a little tired from all the stairs. My house is all one level, but his mom’s level is three. I’m also a little out of shape (okay maybe a lot). We had some delicious steak and vegetables. His mom was really happy that I ate my steak medium-rare like she does. I usually do well-done, but I’ve had a couple medium-rare steaks before. I laughed because J-kun was eating his well-done.

After dinner, his mom suggested me have some frozen yogurt. J-kun isn’t much of a sweets fan, but he agreed to his mom’s suggestion. The yogurt was really delicious. I found it amusing that J-kun wears this wristband from the yogurt shop when he’s only eaten there once or twice.

The ride home was interesting. A bad accident on the highway made it a little slow at first. His mom started talking like normal which lightened the mood. When we reached my house, I hugged Jake real quick. I was really glad that I got to meet his mom. She gave me a hug and smiled before they left to head back home.

J-kun has also been working on a project that he wants to finish for the orientations this week. He says there’s a laser and some rotating mirrors involved. It wasn’t put together when I went over to his house, but he’s finally gotten all the parts ready to build the project and test it.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Day 112/113:

The nice weather has made it possible to be good power-washing weather. I headed up to my grandma’s house and started up her power-washer to get all the dirt off of her patio in the back yard. She has a pretty massive back yard so this will be a big project. I won’t be able to finish the power washing all today, but I get pretty far. I tend to continue washing until I run out of gas in the fuel tank. With my earplugs in, my music cranked up, I turn on the water and start.

I have a Super Mario album from their 25th anniversary that I was listening to on repeat. Background music from each of the popular titles plays while I slowly clear away the year’s worth of dirt and mud from the patio. Her patio is pretty clean, just a little gray, but I can really see a difference. The problem is that the hose connected to the wand is leaking very quickly. I’m wearing a skirt and some leggings so I don’t spray dirt onto my legs. By about an hour of washing, my skirt is completely wet and my leggings are blacker than night. My legs have gone numb, but I’m still continuing my work. The water is actually cooling me off since the temperature has risen since I started.


It was delicious! 🙂

My dad stops me to tell me he’s going out to get lunch and a replacement for the leaking wand. I continue to work and get pretty far before they get back. The gas has run out as I hear the power washer start sputtering and go silent. Turning off the hose, I take off my shoes, wet socks and drenched leggings. I grab a towel and try to regain some feeling in my legs. Luckily they’re not too numb and I’ve warmed back up by the time my dad returns with lunch and the spare part. I tell my grandma I will come back up soon to finish the rest of the project.

My mom celebrated her birthday over the weekend since she will be working on her actual birthday. Jenny baked her a bunt cake and I attempted to frost it. It came out alright, but at least it was yummy. We added some star candles and she made a wish as we sung “Happy Birthday.” Also I am really excited since tomorrow I am going to see J-kun, so I go to bed soon after my mom.

Anticipating Spring Break

Day 110/111:

Spring Break. Simply put, a college student usually can’t wait to plan some amazing trip out of state or out of the country to celebrate their hard work. Maybe they’re just exhausted from classes, and want a week (or two for some) to just relax. My classes aren’t “officially” over, but I am counting my break as starting since my finals finished earlier in the week. J-kun wants me to meet his mom but we haven’t decided a date yet for me to visit. He has to see what works in her schedule and we can’t do it a night that we’re helping out with a orientation at the school.

I’m a little nervous since I haven’t been in a relationship long enough to meet a guy’s parents. I’m usually deep into studying, so I’m learning to balance a heavier course load along with a relationship. I’m also a little relieved since some of my college friends have reassured me that his mom is very sweet. Right now I’m planning what to wear. I want to wear something comfy but not too casual. Maybe a dress…but I don’t want to seem too formal. The weather report has also been pretty hazy, so I’m unsure if I will have rain or sun to face.

I’m also finishing up the PowerPoint presentation for the school. I advertise clubs that have contacted me and sent either flyers or slides that I can add to the overall presentation. My adviser in Student Activities wanted to promote the campus-based clubs to show to new students and returning students to increase attendance to events held on campus. Also, the school adds some education-related slides to help answer some questions. I’m happy that I have a template to work with that makes it look official. Right now I’m just finishing up the final touches before I email it today to my adviser.

Finals are Complete

Day 107/108/109:

I’ve been really busy with my back-to-back night classes each week. My finals were this week and I’m glad I only needed to be at school for one of them. For my public speaking final I was put in a group and we had to have an impromptu speech. The people I was working with had a mix set of skills, but I feel confident that we did well. I’d say at least a B or so on our final. Since it was my first impromptu speech (besides my introduction speech Week 1) I was nervous that I might add filler words to talk longer (ex. “um” or “like”).

We had experience with our topic, music education in public schooling, so we were able to add some personal experiences to our speech. I talked about how I played the violin for five years and I was disappointed how the music programs were starting to degrade due to lack of funding and all the test requirements to graduate.

My statistics final dealt with an online exam reviewing the concepts covered in the seven weeks prior outside and inside of class. I reviewed old homework, past quizzes and some of the textbook. The exam is worth a big part of my grade so I hope that I do well. I should have my final grades by next week.

Now that I finished my finals, I’ll be able to have a one week spring break! Finally! I’m hoping to spend a day with J-kun down in his neighborhood then in between helping out with the orientations for new students. Also, received a sweet text message today, “I was just thinking about you (:” ♥

A Picture For Proof

Day 105/106:

J-kun gave me an interesting problem yesterday. A co-worker at work wanted to see a picture for proof that I’m real. J-kun likes to keep relationships to himself, so when he changed his status on Facebook, a lot of his friends were surprised that he was even dating someone. So he asked me to take a picture with my webcam and hold up a little sign that said “Hi” with the current date.

A little shocked, I tried to take a picture but it seemed too rehearsed, so I went through my webcam settings and found the Time Stamp setting. I held up the little sign and smiled when the picture snapped. Satisfied I sent him the picture and he showed it to his co-worker. I crossed my fingers that he would believe J-kun.

I got a response today that his co-worker did like the picture and doesn’t doubt him anymore. I told my sister and she just looked at me funny. We played some Go Vacation for the Wii and found some hidden treasures on the Mountain Resort. My goal is to eventually locate all the treasures hidden within the four resorts.

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