First Week of My First Job!

Day 281/282/283:

I started my first job this week. I was super nervous when I got up. I woke up extra early to get ready, pack a lunch and head out for the bus. As my main form of transportation, I was just hoping I didn’t have any hiccups along the way. It would be really bad work ethic to show up to work late on the first day. Of course I don’t really have control over the traffic or the amount of stops along the way, but I was super nervous since I never had ridden the bus during this time hour.

I ended up running into the morning rush hour, so my bus moved as slow as a slug. I kept glancing back at my phone to check the schedule. If this speed was the rate we were going, I’d most likely miss the next bus and then screw up the rest of my bus schedule. Luckily, all the buses arrived on time and I arrived to work early before my shift started. I checked in with my supervisor who had two sets of notepads, pens, highlighters and little notes. My co-worker also started today and arrived a little later.

The card had my name on it with a “Congratulations!” written on the envelope. The card was really pretty and I was really appreciative that my boss gave me some supplies. I had brought my own pencils and pens of course, but she let me know there was plenty of office supplies to use while I was at work.

Work bento (potstickers, rice and pineapple)

My first bento made for work. Hopefully I make more soon!

On my second day, I brought some hot chocolate powder packets to make myself some hot chocolate. It was a nice treat since its starting to get chilly outside. We continued to watch training videos that were very lengthy on how to use a system for daily work tasks. It was boring, but I did learn a lot since I took an extra page of notes today than I did yesterday. So a total of 7 pages just from the tutorials and that’s not even my entire job. We’re also preparing for a career event for the students, so I’ll be pretty busy.

On the third day, I was daring and made a bento for lunch. I prepared the night before by cooking the potstickers and leaving it in the fridge overnight. When I got up and started cooking the rice and jumped in the shower. By the time I left I had a beautiful bento (potstickers and rice) along with sliced pineapple chunks in my adorable Marie bento.

I did notice on the bus that my lunch bag felt a little wet. The pineapple juice was leaking out, so I had to use a bunch of tissues to dry to stop the spill from getting any worse. The bento was still delicious and I sent Jkun a picture to make him jealous. It worked 🙂


A Sleepy Date Leading to Burnt Bentos :(

Day 276/277/278:

On Thursday I was looking for my one and only work appropriate shoes. Well I do have other work appropriate shoes like tiny heels (I wobble too much for “real” high heels), but I was looking for my professional dress shoes I’ve had since 8th grade. They’ve gotten a lot of worn in them having some spots, creases and even holes in the bottom, but I can still get some use out of them. They’re a size 7 when my feet are size 9 now, but somehow like Cinderella I can slip into the shoes still. It must be the curved angle.

I eventually found them, hidden towards the back of my closet. They were stuck behind a hanging closet organizer I use for little knick knacks that I don’t really have a place for.


So Jkun asked if I was free on Friday. I was excited since I hadn’t so started work yet, so of course I would be free besides spending time to work on the week’s assignments for my classes. We were going to have a picnic, so I offered to get up early and make bentos. My typical signature bento (potstickers, rice, and fruit) . I got up early in the morning to shower, get dressed in a cute outfit, and then started preparing the bentos.

I get a text message saying he had overslept. So instead of coming down later to see me, he said it would be best to cancel the date. He had work anyways that night and was behind in homework for the week, so I sighed and returned back to the kitchen. The rice had just finished cooking and the potstickers had become burnt on one side when I left the kitchen to answer the text. Great. Burnt potstickers, a ton of rice, and carved apples that I had made for the second dish/tier of the bento boxes.

I am really bummed since I was looking forward to seeing him again. Now that he’s taking more morning classes and I’m taking less classes on campus I don’t see him as often. So there I was eating five of the twelve potstickers I burnt and a big bowl of rice. It was only 11am, but I didn’t want the food to go to waste. I wrapped up the leftovers and stuffed it in the crammed fridge.

I guess I’ll have to save the movie tickets for another time….

Welcome Marie ♥

Day 252:

Today was the day I was going to make something other than my signature bento. Yes, something other than potstickers, rice and a side of fruit. Now that I have a new bento box I definitely had to try out something different (at least that was my goal). I looked outside, seeing the sun shine brightly. If I finished the bento in time, maybe I would be able to eat outside like a picnic.

Walking into the kitchen, armed with a JustBento “Mini Hamburger Bento” recipe, some household ingredients, and a clean shiny bento box I was ready to start on my project of producing a yummy homemade bento.

I originally thought of the bento project when a friend of mine wanted me to make him a bento. Well I only made him two bentos (the same recipe) and after all the time I went trying to create something masterful as seen in animes, Japanese cookbooks…..but I had to remind myself that my cooking skills are very limited. Many of the recipes I’ve selected to be potential bentos were very complex for the new bento chef, so I crossed my fingers hoping my bento would taste somewhat edible my first time making it.

The Mini Hamburger Bento recipe is:

  • 2-3 mini hamburgers (depending on the size of your bento box)
  • Bed of lettuce or spinach for the hamburgers
  • Cheese or Carrot (flower shaped)–which I forgot 😦
  • Side of rice
hamburger with rice and apples in a bento box

Mini hamburgers on a bed of lettuce, with rice (topped with sesame seeds and soy sauce) and apples (shaped with a steak knife). Pretty delicious for my first attempt at the recipe.

The total bento took about 1+ hours, since I cooked all of the hamburger meat so I could reheat it for a later bento. The rice in my ancient rice cooker is getting better with cooking (maybe I just needed to get the hang of it when making rice). I cut up an apple (since I forgot the cheese/carrot part) into a checkered pattern and a heart. I looked at the smile of Marie (my bento) and she’s pretty tiny size. I was able to fit about 1/3 of a piece of romaine lettuce and about 1/2 cup of rice as the bottom levels. I laid two tiny burgers on top of the lettuce and the sliced apples on top of the rice. I think next time I’ll just put the burgers on top of the rice so the fruit doesn’t have rice stuck to it.

Here is the final version of the bento before I packed her up to transport the bento box in one trip to the TV room (the clouds were blocking my sun–looked a little dreary out there). Any feedback on the bento would be nice. Feel free to leave a comment on this post. 🙂

How Did That Get There?

Day 242/243:

Friday was pretty interesting. Since my family is switching the TV provider we had to disconnect our TV until the guy came out today to install our new TV provider stuff. All I knew was that for the next 24 hours I wasn’t going to be able to watch TV. So like the smart technology savvy person I am, I changed the input on the TV and started playing video games until my sister got up. My choice of video game, Go Vacation of course. We’re really close to finding all 7 treasures hidden per four resorts so I think we have one or two left in each resort. We do love exploring the resorts. My sister asked me how the “daring suit” looked on Hiro kun (my male character) so I changed his clothes and we about died laughing. The “daring suit” which is a bikini for the girl characters is a speedo for the guy characters. I immediately changed his swim suit back to the shorts he had on earlier. We also unlocked a royal outfit that makes Hiro kun look like a cute king.

potstickers with rice

My “signature bento” a.k.a the only bento I make. 😛

I was craving potstickers and rice Friday afternoon since I couldn’t remember the last time I had some. I wanted to try this rice cooking method J-kun had suggested since it sounded simpler than the way another recipe had stated. What I came across was my rice cooker lid (which was off the rice cooker) stuck to the counter with a brown stain around it. The lid was so tightly sealed to the counter that I couldn’t even push it. Eventually I somehow managed to free it. The bento was nice. ♥

Yesterday was “Fish Friday” as my sister called it, so since I’m not too fond of fish I had a bowl of ramen. Surprisingly you can take off a lot of calories if you use only half of the packet instead of a full thing. 🙂 After dinner, I did the dishes and told my mom and sister (who were still awake) that I was going to bed. I had to be at orientation really early the next day (earlier than my Saturday morning class!) so I needed to get some sleep.

My mom was in the middle of opening a package which contained some exercise DVDs she had purchased because it “looked fun.” She said there was some 5 minute workouts so I decided to give it a shot before going to bed. Maybe the exercise would wear me out and I would fall asleep faster. Not even a minute into the workout and my mom was already critiquing my movements. Here she is sitting on the couch, shouting at me that I’m moving too much or incorrectly compared to the guy on the video. I had to restart the workout since the guy talks and changes the moves so fast I missed about 3 moves with her yelling at me. I told her I wasn’t going to be perfect the first time on the workout and unless she was going to try it next, I didn’t need to hear any feedback for the first try.

About 2 or 3 minutes in, I was definitely tired. I think the guy on the video was even exhausted since he kept breathing heavier and I thought that maybe I wasn’t doing the moves correctly since my breathing wasn’t that heavy. The workout routine was suppose to tone my abs I guess (which is mainly flab for me). The routine did exhaust me, so I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


Today my dad speeded down to the school to drop me off early, hoping that he would be back at the house when the cable guy arrived. Well the cable guy didn’t show up until 11am, so my dad had plenty of time. I found out from my adviser that one of the student ambassadors who I assumed was helping with the Thursday orientation never showed up. Since buses don’t really run late, I didn’t really have reliable transportation to get back home. I wish he would have told me that he wasn’t able to make it. She said she ran the orientation fine though.

Today the orientation video was still buffering so we decided to skip it. The group was pretty active and we had some late students arrive to the orientation. I told two guys that showed up about 9:15 (15 minutes late) that we weren’t going to let them in since it had already started. I guess I was pretty convincing since they gave me an excuse for why they were late. I showed them to the room and told them to sit somewhere in the back since the academic dean was already halfway through his speech. There was a good turnout, although we had a lot of food leftover, so I don’t think we would need to get more next time.

large spider in a cup

This guy was just hanging out on the ceiling!

Since the orientation got over early I was able to catch my bus (instead of having to kill 2 hours to wait for the next one). I don’t think I got home until about three hours after I left the school. Typical bus time, but I wanted to be home sooner. My sister was talking about the movie she was watching and by the time I got home I think she had already watched two movies.

The thing that stood out the most tonight was the large spider that I saw on the ceiling on the way to the kitchen after dinner. I don’t know what possessed me to look up there, but I did and I let out this blood-curdling scream that even my sister came over and was speechless. When I told my dad about the spider, he assumed that the huge spider was a tiny little guy. No. This spider’s body was probably almost as long as my pinky! It was a HUGE spider. He caught it in a Starbucks cup and hopefully he disposed of it.

Friendly Competition

Day 166/167:

I’m looking at the board writing some things down during the meeting. Its just Amanda and I in an empty classroom discussing Ambassador stuff. Amanda has gotten an internship so she will be soon passing her duties to me while she is gone. The boys are not at the meeting, but Marsil eventually pops his head in and asks if today we were actually having a meeting. We laugh because Marsil tricks J-kun into heading down to the meeting promising him of free food (which there is none).

I already have written quite a bit on the white board and I fill the boys in on what we’ve covered so far. Someone needs to help out with orientation on this day or pick up the food and prizes this day. J-kun announces that I have written his name on the board twice, something that I was not aware of. Great. An awkward moment where I erase one of the “J-kuns” I wrote up on the board where he continues to comment on the order of the names.

“Why am I after Marsil?” he asks as if it really matters the order of the names.
“At least you’re before Marissa,” Marsil mentions which brings a smile to J-kun’s face.
“At least I’m not last.” he says as if coming anything other than last is best.

I’m caught off guard for the rest of the meeting. Did I write his name twice anywhere else? I try not to stare too much at him since I haven’t seen him really at all since we went back to being friends. He tells me later that I must always be on his mind. The idea makes me blush which makes me relieved that he sends this message as a text and not something he says to my face.


The next night we (J-kun and I) are playing Tetris Battle trying to see who is the best at this game. Obviously, J-kun is highly competitive and hates losing and his quick reactions to the incoming bombs keep him the winner for all the games. I slowly lose rank and soon his level is much higher than mine after a couple of games. He logs off since he needs to get ready for work. I tell myself that I am going to have to practice my game and show him that I can win at Tetris as well.

What’s That Smell?

Day 163/164/165:

I completed a game study at a big name company. I’m not going to name the company, the game I tested or even anything about it other than its a great experience. Seeing the inner workings of a game before it hits stores, makes me feel like I’m part of the design team. The developers don’t always have to take my suggestions, but any feedback is better now in the developing stages than hearing bad reviews after the game as hit stores. I definitely recommend trying out for a game testing opportunity. Some people think playing an unfinished game would be boring or lame, but its actually pretty awesome.

I’ve received a couple more comments on my hair cut. Many of my friends thought the style was “cute” on me I guess since I have a pretty big smile. J-kun even liked my hair cut.

potstickers, rice, and apples

My signature bento 😛

I lucked out since one of my design buddies lives near my neighborhood so she was able to give me a ride down to the school and back today for class. I was glad because I had been dying to participate in one of these “live lectures” for my first online design class and I was running out of weeks to try it out (I’m about less than a week away from finals). Since my friend was giving me a ride, I was able to bring my laptop (I can’t download the lecture program onto the school computers), and riding the bus with a giant laptop isn’t a smart idea.

I forgot headphones and had trouble setting up the meeting room. A classmate let me borrow his headphones which was really sweet and I listened to about 30 minutes of the lecture. My onsite class was starting at 6pm so I couldn’t participate too much in the lecture. I’ll just have to watch the recording later. I think it will be cool to see my name pop up as I answer the professor’s questions. Anyways, I brought my signature bento (aka my gyoza, rice, and fruit bento). I was eating it in the classroom and I heard a couple people say “What’s that smell?!” It wasn’t a “Ooh what’s that smell, can I have some?” It was more of a “Eww, what the heck is that she’s eating?”

Embarrassed I was about ready to go eat my lunch outside the classroom, but the guys said it was fine they were just curious what I was eating. One guy said he was going to sit by me just so he could keep saying how weird my lunch/dinner smelled. Honestly, I think it might be the soy sauce that smelled a little funny but I think I’m just use to the smell of gyoza. I was almost finished with my bento when my professor joked about the smell. Interesting night.


Homemade Turns Into Takeout

Day 159/160:

muffin man sketch

My little Muffin Man sketch

My sister had a choir concert at the high school. We have to drop her off at least an hour before the concert starts so she can warm up with the group. My dad was reading his emails aloud and I was sketching in my book. I’m trying to draw a larger version of my “Muffin man.” I finish the sketch just as the lights start to dim and the principal tells the audience to silence their phones and remain quiet during the performance. I snap a quick picture and get ready for the singing. We managed to secure some seats in the front row. Jenny of course stands off to the side so we have trouble filming her with my dad’s giant camcorder.

After the concert ends, everyone bows and we grab Jenn and jump into the car. My dad has this tradition that after a concert we race down to the Dairy Queen and get some ice cream. We started doing this when I was in fifth grade and started playing the violin. I always get a double fudge cookie dough blizzard and my dad and sister get dipped cones. We try to get there early so we beat the rush of other students from the concert who have the same idea.

Tonight my dad was craving some teriyaki. I offered to cook potstickers and rice at home while he went over to pick up some chicken teriyaki. We mixed the take-out rice with my rice and I arranged the food as neatly as I could on the plate. So a homemade (well semi-homemade) meal turned into just a takeout. The food was delicious and the take out rice tasted way better than mine. I’m still trying to find a good method of preparing rice. 🙂

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